Motorist CLAUDIA CASTILLO Pulls Miami-Dade Cop Over For Speeding – Says He Should Abide By Same Laws

Claudia CastilloAll things considered, police-community relations has been strained for years, and especially, over the past four years.

While we can’t know if we should give all praises to the world of social media shedding the light on the “rise” of police misconduct, we can’t deny [it] either.

We just don’t know if this is how things have always been or (with the “middle man”—radio and television news)being filtered out) because before social media, those were our only sources of news and information—once upon a time.

Now, all praised due to the Internet and the (literal) world wide web, and our being able to get our hands on amateur video, raw an uncut, is a blessing in disguise undisguised.

Take for instance this (raw and uncut) amateur video of a Miami, Florida woman shot this past Friday, by a named Claudia Castillo.

Castillo is just a civilian and motorist who was driving along the highway and didn’t like the way a Miami-Dade count police driver was driving. Considering the fact [that] she said he drove past her so fast that it made her car shake and vibrate.

Typically we go on and assume the officer is on route to a “situation,” but as it turned out, he wasn’t on an emergency run of any kind-perhaps just trying to beat the clock.

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