Mosque Visit Subject of American Scorn As President BARACK OBAMA & FLOTUS Seek To Rid All of “Islamphobia”

makes his rounds ‘round the world taking action on things that need to be done before his term’s expiry date.

In a typical situation, it takes a leader to bridge the gaps or at least lead the way to spearhead change.

Unfortunately, the leader of the world’s visit to a Mosque is met with disdain over delight, despite his intention to promote religious freedom and open the doors for American people to see Muslims as human beings rather than all-terrorists.

Just before the president’s effort to promote religious understanding, unfortunately his promoting education and literacy with his kids and computers campaign (where he pledged 4 billion to computer science programs for the youth),



…got overshadowed by the Mosque visit (and of curse, Donald Trump making sure he sends his condescending best): “Maybe he feels comfortable there.”

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