Model SUKI WATERHOUSE Throws Shade At KYLIE JENNER’s Pouty-Mouth Selfie

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Kylie Jenner’s been catching a lot of lip over the past six or seven months battling rumors and being taunting for drastic changes being done to her face and body right before her fan’s very own eyes.

Recently however, she posted that pic of herself with a set of lips that could give Mick Jagger a run for his money and that, to her fans, went over pretty badly.

kendal and kylieNot only has she been catching it from her fans and “haters,” she recently just caught shade from Bradley Cooper’s 22 year-old model girlfriend Suki Waterhouse, who, like Kylie, has a sister (Maddie Waterhouse) that she likes to get into a little mischief with here and there, obviously.

Kylie-Jenner-Suki-WaterhouseThe Waterhouse’s decided to throw a little shade over to the PacSun designer’s way by posting a selfie of themselves-poking fun at Kylie Jenner—with the rendition of her pouty-lipped, full-mouth, picture she posted.

am i @kyliejenner yet? -@MaddieWaterhouse

Presenting @maddiwaterhouse as kylie jenner -@SukiWaterhouse
Inspired by, replicating their big sister Kim Kardashian’s soon to be published book of selfies called “Selfish,” as you may (or may not know), Kylie and Kendall Jenner are adding to their PacSun clothing line: a collection of selfies inspired by the ones that got the most likes from their social media pages—coming soon to the closets of anyone who wishes to walk around with Kendall and Kylie on their shirt.

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Obviously, and regardless if the Waterhouse’s ranked for Kylie and Kendall’s selfie t-shirt line or no, we’re more than sure the sisters won’t be getting  that selfie [of theirs] on the line.


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