Miss Columbia Almost Wins MISS UNIVERSE – STEVE HARVEY Apologies For Flub

CWvY5nYWUAAe3t8A curious case of dyslexia diss-lexia came over comedian Steve Harvey last night as he hosted the Miss Universe pageant.

Everything that leads up to the preparation involved in that greatly anticipated 11th hour came crumbling down on one pageant contestant in particular: Miss USA.

You know…how we say one thing but do another, think one thing, but write another, or say one thing but do another?—our subconscious sometimes just…takes over.

Such was the case of radio/talk show and game show Family Feud host Steve Harvey who, despite his entire game show being run by his narration from cue cards in his hands on that show, Harvey managed to fall victim [to his subconscious CWug3peUYAEa5Nxperhaps?]

Whether or not he wanted-just that bad, Miss USA to win (or thought she had it in the bag), the fact of the matter was: She didn’t, Miss Philippines’ name was on the “winner” line of that cue card and had it.

Unfortunately, after Harvey announced the Sofia Vergara look-alike [as being] the pageant winner, he had already realized his mistake and turned away from the woman and bowed his head in sorrow or shame which, from the woman’s view, looked as if he was either taken aback by her beauty or perhaps that classic “is it my lipstick?” “Is it my breath?” moment kicked in-making her wonder if his distant stance was because of her crown being out of place (so she began to fix it).

Welp. It wasn’t her beauty, it was his duty.
So with all that out the way, (and her crown now erect and tight) she began to turn to the other contestants to give her First Lady-like wave goodbye, but before she could complete her sayonara at the end of the loosing line of other contestants, Harvey admitted he made a mistake—and Miss Philippines was actually the winner (not Miss USA..I mean…Miss Colombia).

See! You see how easy that was to have a slip of the tongue, subconscious or pen?

Coincidentally, although (despite how beautiful she was along with being a dead ringer for Colombian actress Sofia Vergara she was, or…how perhaps deeply inbedded she was in Harvey’s subconscious) the fact of the matter is: Miss USA Miss Colombia was not the winner but rather: 1st runner up. Miss Philippines’ name was printed on the slot as the “winner.”

Harvey apologies for (what he says) was just “showbizness” “showbusiness” an “honest mistake.”



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