MILEY CYRUS Goes From Singing KHIA’s Ornery Ode “My Kneck My Back” To Singing & Sobbing Over Dead Pet Fish

We see Bob Mackie’s still eating well off kicking Cher to the curb to design for Miley:



It just goes to show that no matter how grown up you think you are such that you can pull off rapper Khia’s ornery oral ode “My Kneck. My Back” [circa 2002]-as Miley pulled off last week:

…all it takes is to loose that fishie and it can send you right back out on stage in near fetal position-crying foul.

The brazen, pop babe amazed the audience at the Adult Swim’s Upfront party in NYC last week singing the song but just a week later, lost her favorite pet blow fish named Pablow.



In one of her Backyard Sessions, she performed a song she wrote for Pablow and although the title is still unclear, she clearly recites this line:

“Watching my friends eat my friends ruined my appetite.”

As it ends, tears stream down her face-quite a different side of Miley that we just saw last week—I know, right.

I never laughed + cried so hard in my life!

What in the he// just happened here?

Hey look, I don’t make this stuff up. Here goes. Tap in:



At any rate.

If you follow me and stay tuned to OSF, you probably already know I am obsessed with Miley’s Hands Up (Party in the USA).

Now that…(and “Wrecking Ball”)…she can sing for me anytime. It’s my guilty pleasure. I love driving with it on full blast and (until I hit the expressway) don’t care who laughs.

That is my lil’ SONG right there!

Rock with me:

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