MILEY CYRUS Disses JOE JONAS After Dropping a Dime On Her For “Introducing” Him to Weed


miley-cyrus-23-2  She warned all y’all all in her song, “23”: “I got no respect.”  128051-original

sinead_oconnor_miley_cyrus  And if Miley Cyrus,21,would publicity disrespect Sinead O’Connor for her reaching out to her (although publicly-to offer her some sagacious advice); then Joe Jonas should have known better than to drop a dime on Miley about smoking………..……………….sage.

Well, sort of.

127186-original miley-cyrus-smoking-bong (1) You can’t put someone on blast who already put themselves on blast throughout such a song that talks about her smoking and being high from line to lyric; so when doing press, you just gotta not be pressed to impress or press an issue that’s no secret in, or about the life of whomever you are dropping the dime on.

While it’s okay to want to add to your creative resume by writing poignant essays, don’t go pointing the finger, putting it in print, and not think somebody‘who “got no respect” would take too well to that. LoL.

127089-original  Joe Jonas,24, submitted an essay for New York magazine where he wrote about the pressures of Young Hollywood, sex, and the moment when he and his brothers Nick, 21, and Kevin, 26, disbanded [from the Jonas Brothers group].

  118372-original While inquiring minds just might have wanted to know the juicy details about when he lost his virginity and other pressures of Young Hollywood, right about there is when he should have pressed ‘pause.’

4852939961_327e0ba98f   128119-original Instead, in the published essay, he opened up about being introduced to [by] and smoking weed some years ago with Miley and fellow Disney chum and alum: Demi Lovato. Although when word got back to Demi, the 21 year-old X Factor judge, she wasn’t very bothered by the article and the name drop-she merely Tweeted: “Love you brother. #familyfriendsforever.”

Well, Miley didn’t take to the name drop so diplomatically. 

She responded: “If you’re going to smoke weed, you’re going to smoke weed. There’s nothing that two little girls are going to get you to do that you don’t want to do,” she said in a New York Times interview just recently.

us-censors-miley-cyrus-smoking-pot-while-accepting-mtv-europe-award  She blew smoke at the comment by saying: “I thought maybe he was saying it like it was going to make him look like a badass. We were so young that it’s like: ‘how did you get peer pressured by me’?”

  Welp. We at Other Side of the Fame just say: Let high-gones, be by-gones.


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