Bublé Loves the Bubble: Classy-Pop Singer MICHAEL BUBLÉ Caught Snapping Photo & Objectifying Unidentified Woman’s Bottom


Award-winning I Just Haven’t Met You Yet’s Michael Bublé (a well-dressed classy-pop singer) who’s never in the news for shenanigans and spotlight outside of his music, has now broken a different kind of record (for him): The recipient of the wrath and scorn of social media. Although the married singer (having just celebrated his wedding anniversary on April 2) captioning :

Today is my favourite day of every year. It reminds me of the best decision I ever made in my life. Happy anniversary mi amor. #number4 #manymore #greatlifechoices #love #lottery@lulopilatophotos


…sings about what he would do for this ideal of a woman in his heart that he sings to [in his hit song I Just Haven’t Met You Yet], although he has obviously found her, it didn’t stop Bublé from admiring another woman’s….bubble. Via his social media account, while in Miami, the singer posted a selfie (of himself) however, behind him in a slight distance-stood a woman at the counter who, although her face could not be seen, her bottom was….visible. She wore short-shorts such that her butt cheeks were visibly hanging out. Aside from the fact that he’s married, considering how he “brands” [this…buttoned up well-dressed classy-pop singer], it was what he captioned to include with the pic (of the woman being photographed-unbeknownst to her at that) that caused the social media warriors to go at him [when he captioned it]”

There was something about this photo lu took ,that seemed worthy of instagram.  #myhumps #babygotback #hungryshorts #onlyinmiami#picoftheday #beautifulbum

Immediately, social media warriors came rushing in:

While for me, (outside of my feeling annoyed at the rampant invasion of people’s personal privacy just to be cute and funny on social media-which I will elaborate on later) what annoyed me even more was his apology (feeling like he had too–as a result of social media scorn and spear-chucking regarding an act that they + people do on social media all day).



Granted, (and although we are all guilty to lesser or greater extents-by watching or actually doing) abhor people taking photos of people without their permission simply to be cute or funny on social media (regardless how complimentary or lighthearted). Because if you think about it, 10 years ago (before cameras were even invented as apart of a phone feature), to pull out a regular/classic camera and snap a picture of another (unsuspecting) human being would have made you look like a creep-and basically was something we just didn’t do (as an act of normalcy). The invent of social media and the convenient way to put a camera in ones telephone doesn’t make the act of taking a photo of an unsuspecting person any less weird (no matter how complimentary or lighthearted).

However, other than people who know that woman on the pic personally, at least her face isn’t showing. Some people put full-on videos and pics of innocent people not knowing they are about to be objectified or laughed at for other people’s social media fun.

One day, I saw a woman on the street mid-psychosis (not harming anyone or herself) but you could tell she wasn’t on her meds and most probably needed to be taken a facility-stat. Well, mid-episode (yes-on the street) here comes this silly chic laughing, phone in hand and begins to video tape this lady! Are you serious!? That pissed me off. I yelled at her:

Ma’am. Instead of using that phone for footage to be cute and funny on social media, how ‘bout using it to call the police so that she could get some help!”

It’s annoying and out of control.

But on the flip side of that (as it pertains to Michael Bublé), he prefaced his statement by letting everyone know that it was his wife that snapped the photo (and obviously with his arms folded-someone else did snap the photo). Some married couples feast on lusting people while they are together-I think that’s healthy. I even developed a whole couples therapy methodology and “cure” for cheating called Reverse Psychology Cheating (RPC) around such thing and am trying to get it implemented in marriage/couples counseling.(NOTE: On my book site AngelaSherice.com, I’m straddled between two servers while under construction and just got word the RPC link was broken to my chapter excerpt, CLICK HERE temporarily to read it. I’ll place the excerpt here, for now)

At any rate.

But good for Michael (his reply) because typically, in his field, the norm (after the scorn) is to deny/go into full denial about what you (think?) you saw versus what you read and spin it into something altogether different to salvage your brand (as advised by their “people”). He owned what he did, why it was done, and truthfully expressed that [although he objectified her] it was meant to be complimentary and light in spirit.

People: Chill. Isn’t that what you and your other friends on social media do all day? With his wife’s approval, what makes it any different because he is Michael Bublé. He was just participating in a typical social media act that you, I, or your friends on your pages do (to some degree or another) too.

Don’t kill his fun 🙂


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