Michael Slager (Cop Who Killed WALTER SCOTT) Is Cell Neighbors With Dylan Roof – {Footage} Bond Hearing -Dylan Forced to Hear Surviving Members’ Families

With full first-class accommodations of having being flown in by private jet and handcuffed with a dainty bracelet tying his hands behind his back, Dylan Roof is picture here on his way.

private jet



Dressed in a pretty little bullet proof vest for his protection (complete with a blue-shirted bodyguard positioned to give his own life for Dylan’s); Dylan Roof was flown in for the ride of his life after taking 9 others’.

Accompanied by two armed guards placed to the left and right of him, terrorist Dylan Roof was forced to change into his county blues and stand with his hands behind his back, face up, and ears tuned in to the 9 victims’ families of the Charleston, South Carolina bible study massacre get their day in court to speak the peace that their loved ones now rest in.

All nine victim’s families and/or representatives were asked by the judge (Magistrate James B. Gosnell, Jr) to step up and speak as the killer listened to the pain and tears in each loved ones’ voice-expressing their loss, pain, suffering and willingness to forgive him.

While it is important to note (as you’ll hear) the bond was set (for the weapons charges-not the actual murders just yet), the prosecutor (around 6:20 minute marker) makes it clear that whatever bond is set for the killer, she wanted to make sure he remained in custody so that she can handle the business at hand.



As you will hear in the second video, S.C., Governor Nikki Haley too, is adamantly overseeing this to make sure the state will prosecute Dylan Roof to the fullest extent of the law and in hopes that the death is that final answer (for him, too).


While it is completely useless and exhaustive to report swirling rumors about

  • Dylan Roof having been given a gun for his birthday
  • Dylan’s Roof’s roommate believing it was planned for six months
  • And what Dylan Roof “almost” didn’t do and carry through [because the victims were so nice to him at bible study]–the fact of the matter and all that matters right now is that he did: …premeditated, preventive, pondered, or no. Nine people are dead by his hands.

As well, video (Snapchat) footage taken by one of the now deceased victims: Tywanza Sanders, 26, showing ‘Wanza’ taking a snap of Dylan-the stray, young white guy having come in off the street (little did they know) armed with a plan to kill.


As you can see in the photo, Dylan sat at the table with all the victims and joined them in bible study then brought hell to them an hour later-senselessly.

Interestingly, Michael Slager (North Charleston, S.C.,) the cop who just a couple months ago shot unarmed Walter Scott in the back while trying to flee him, is now neighbors with Dylan Roof.

Roof in cell #1141B.

Slager in #1140B
















Take a moment out to meet the deceased and learn a little bit about each, if you will:


Along with pastor (Pinckney-not pictured) the county coroner identified the other 9 victims as:

  1. Tywanza Sanders (in pink shirt pictured here), 26, a 2014 graduate of Allen University in Columbia, which Pinckney also attended. CHzAA3JVEAAPbs5
  2. Cynthia Hurd, 54, manager of St. Andrews Regional Library.
  3. The Rev. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, 45, an assistant pastor at the church and girls track coach at Goose Creek High School.
  4. Susie Jackson, 87, a longtime church member.
  5. Ethel Lance, 70, a sexton at the church
  6. The Rev. Depayne Middleton Doctor, 49, a church singer and former Charleston County community development employee.
  7. The Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr., 74, a member of the church’s ministerial staff, who died in the operating room at the hospital.
  8. Myra Thompson, 59, wife of the vicar of Holy Trinity Reformed Episcopal Church.


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