So NICKI MINAJ Isn’t the Only One That Can Say She Went to Prague-TRUMP and/or MICHAEL COHEN’s Got Some ‘Splainin’ to Do


Treason is the reason for the season—let the wags tell it. But if Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen tells it-it’s fake news.



If standing by his man and weathering the ̷s̷t̷o̷r̷m̷ Stormy is what he insists on,



…then it looks like Trump’s loyal lawyer’s got his work cut out for him.

As it turns out, seems like raptress Nicki Minaj isn’t the only one out in these streets pounding the pavement of Prague.



Well while Nicki Minaj might’ve been bragging about [“Prague”] and that us lessers can’t even spell it, but Trump’s right hand man Michael Cohen would very much like to deny his well-traveledness.

These mean political streets have it on good word that Cohen was out there pulling an Olivia Pope: fixing things.

To keep Trump from looking bad, wags have it that he traveled to Prague to meet with a Russian Kremlin surrogate to clean up the media mayhem regarding Manafort and Page.

From the looks of things, these two are in a catch: 22.

I’ll just let these two Tweets authored by Seth Abramson and Kyle Griffin explain—then of course-I’ll do what my sister site does did: link you to the story.



Author: Angela Sherice