MERYL STREEP To Play Rocker “Ricki” of RICKI and the FLAMES



Nothing gets me more excited and perked up-than the strings of Melissa Etheridge’s guitar coming out to “I’m The Only One.” That is one of my favorite songs!

So when I saw this picture:meryl-streep_photo credit_tristar

I yelled: Go Melissa!

I was wrong though.

Melissa. Meryl. Close enough. With Guitar.

But this is NOT Melissa.

images (10) images (9)That is non other than the usually demure, dramatic academy award winning actor Meryl Streep in RARE form for her next role in the coming movie called Ricki and the Flash-looking every bit like a natural!

Directed by Jonathan Demme and written by Juno writer Diablo Cody, Streep plays the singer-guitarist Flash band member named “Ricki” who did the impractical typical: give up on everything to pursue her dream of rock-‘n’-roll [but then returns home to reconnect with her family].

Alongside actor Kevin Kline-who will play Ricki’s ex husband-Streep’s real-life daughter (Mamie Gummer) has a part in the movie.

Other Hollywood legends like singer-actor Rick Springfield is in the movie (who plays “Ricki” ’s love-interest), as well, Private Practice and Raisin in the Sun actor Audra McDonald.

Although we are so used to seeing Streep in the poignant, and riveting dramas, she earned her 19th Oscar nomination for her acting and singing performance in In The Woods.

Can’t wait to see her


….in something like this:

meryl-streep_photo credit_tristar


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