MEMPHITZ WRIGHT Wanted For Armed Robbery in Atlanta (Video), RICK ROSS’ Contractor Reports Ross Not Paying Bills

In Atlanta, felony arrests warrants for armed robbery and aggravated assault have been issued for former music exec and reality show star Memphitz Wright is wanted for armed robbery after he robbed a car was attendant he accused of stealing weed from his car.



The attendant Harold Huntley told WSBTV Wright pulled a gun out on him and asked if he stole his weed. He then took the young man’s  cell phone and left.

Odd lil’ story. But the car wash released the entire incident as captured on surveillance video (the most baffling and weirdest sh/t shit Buck was heffa. If it wasn’t for the footage, this story would seem too unbelievable at hearing tell of). Here goes, though:

LET’s BE SENSIBLE THOUGH (in thinking beyond the surface and funny): He probably took the phone-not as crackhead move, but he probably doesn’t know if the attendant took pictures or video of the contents inside his car. I mean, people are obsessively nosey nowadays + desperate for attention and dreaming of making careers stemming from putting people on blast with pics and videos across these Internecks. So he probably felt it best to take the dude’s phone. I probably would have too (maybe not with a gun). But do you realize how many dudes (and girls too) behind me (and other people-I’ve witnessed) at the gym while on the elip and tread machine whose phones I considered snatching–when I turn around and they’re look all guilty, scared, obvious, eyes rolling around in their head-feeling “busted” and caught in the act? This phone stuff is wayyy out of hand (especially in the hands of weirdos, freaks, and people attention starved for 15 minutes of fame on the Internet-just to get off on, or have as a keepsake: a tight round a%% jump up and down on your phone). WTH?

All jokes aside (about this video), we don’t know what Memphitz had in his car that he didn’t want out here scattered around the Internet. Can never be too sure. Take that m/f’n phone. I would have too. Quiet as it’s kept, I’m partially against a “robbery” charge against (what I would call ‘confiscating’ someone’s phone–in a situation like this one). At gunpoint was probably to scare him into getting his phone with no resistance I’m thinking (that’s where the “armed” got attached to the “robbery”).

Consider this too (like I wrote in a Jeezy post a while ago/January 2014): In this day and age, ” robbery” and “terroristic threats” are these dramatic, over the top legal terms given for snatching somebody’s phone for taking footage of you (or the contents in your car) just like it could very well be “robbery” (somebody walking up to you and saying “give me your phone.”).

As well, a terroristic threat 10 years ago was literally a threat sounding like a war was looming. Nowadays, you tell somebody in an argument “I’m gonna fk you up…” you’ll be charged with a ‘terroristic’ threat. Please. Smh.



Moving on.

Whether or not he can’t or won’t pay his bills, Rick Ross doesn’t (as per a contractor hired to work on the rapper’s Fayettee County, Georgia 238 acre estate he bought from former boxing heavyweight Evander Holyfield).


According to WSBTV, Greg Cage was outside Ross’ mansion yesterday trying to retrieve his tools and told the station:

Williams Roberts Jr. (Rick Ross’ government name) seems to have problem making payments. Declined credit cards…promises to pay on Friday, then when you submit your bills and tallies he gets in his Ferrari and leaves.”

Well considering the fact that Ross was arrested this past Wednesday (where, as we reported to you-he’s still detained in a Fayette County jail ‘til July 1st at least) we can see where trying to retrieve some tools on Thursday might have been a problem. Duhhh.


But as far as the rest of his claims about Ross’ negligence or inability to pay after whipping work for the self-proclaimed “Larry Hover,” we’ll just have to hang out until “Boss” Ross explains this one I guess.

As mentioned in the previous write up about Ross, his being detained right now is costing him around $220k in monies. So (from the sounds of things) this hold up couldn’t have had worse timing.

At any rate, the video (posted yesterday June 25, at 6:17 p.m.) has since been deleted:

unnamed (1)LET’S BE SENSIBLE THOUGH (in thinking past the shock and awe that somebody who brags so much about balling so hard could possibly not be able to afford to pay their bills): Considering someone claimed to not be able to retrieve tools on a Thursday when Ross was holed up in jail since Wednesday pretty much belabors the obvious-and that may be the reason you couldn’t get your tools (and the station deleted the person making the statement?). Although that doesn’t change the claim that Ross can’t/doesn’t pay his invoices/bills, still, it was best to deleted that footage altogether seeing as though the man is (and was) in jail and can’t refute the statement or defend himself right now.


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