“Megyn Moderation”: How MEGYN KELLY, Short-Tressed And Ready, Trumps TRUMP By Default

Donald Trump

So lemme get this right (about all that’s wrong).

You insult:

  • The disabled
  • Reporters
  • Iowans
  • Muslims
  • Seventh-Day Adventists
  • African Americans
  • Jews
  • Asians
  • Religion
  • All his competitors
  • Foreign policy
  • Environmental degradation
  • POW’s
  • Women and liberal women


Period-shame a woman on a public platform:



Have an interview with that very same woman back in where (in 2011) you praise her acumen and sh/t on it four years later:



…And when asked about your being drafted, make a joke that perhaps yours got lost in the mail, yet on one of the most important (remaining) GOP debate nights in political American History; decline to take the podium because (that very same woman you once interviewed and praised four years later you publicly shame), simply because she happens to be the moderator of tonight’s debate, you decide to boycott it out of knowing that you would be “treated unfairly.”

Well call that the cat calling the kettle black (who can’t handle the shoe being on the other foot if you want to), I’ll just call it the antics of the walking contradiction that often times comes with a dual-natured Gemini.

To add insult to contradiction yet, in an effort to ingratiate himself to the very same America by which he wishes to become chief of; instead of attending his debating duties (out of fear of facing a mere ‘PMS’ing” woman), he thought it best to just hang back and raise monies for veterans.

All things considered and having insulted POWs (whose draft letters didn’t get lost in the mail), I’m guessing that’s the very least he could do.

You know, the thing this elaborate plan of action to substitute missing this important debate is: there are no great, grand gestures or any amount of monies raised for veterans that will make

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