MAYWEATHER Declared Mayhem on Workers: Orders Savage Beatdown, Faces Charges

Mayweather is scheduled to fight Marcos Maidana this coming May 3, and with registered hands and full concentration on winning that, according to reports, it didn’t stop him from registering hands be laid tow of his employees suspected of stealing “Money Mayweather” ’s jewelry.

Mayweather had two men do some work at his Las Vegas home but when they were done, he notices that his jewelry was missing [and concluded that the workers were responsible for the theft].

Sources say that Mayweather had his people contact the two men to meet them in an off site location and when the men arrived, they were close to being offed themselves-by catching savage beatdowns with various weapons.

The men reportedly suffered broken arms and legs and were both hospitalized for several days.

The men are still proclaiming their innocence in having stole jewelry from Mayweather’s home and have retained lawyers: pressing charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and mayhem.

No word from Mayweather on it all. 

Source: Jimmi Adair

Author: OSFMagWriter

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