‘ May I Be Excused? ‘ Reportedly, DRAKE Was To Be Apart of TIDAL–Until 2 Days Before Launch + Being Courted By APPLE Along With PHARRELL & DAVID GUETTA – JAY Z Eyeing RHAPSODY Partnership

It was almost like The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill-you, know-that interlude introducing her album where class was in session, roll-call was called but when it got to her name, she was missing.



Well, the metaphor in that interlude meant that rather than getting the formal and systematic education brought to us by traditional schooling, while Hill’s name was being called, she was out in the world getting a different kind of lesson and education about life, love and all things in between.

So seemed rapper Drake-who (according to a correspondent for Billboard) was too, penciled in to be much apart of the Tidal 16, but bailed out two days before its launch.


I know right?

When that big press conference went down-considering the lineup squinting my eyes, nose and pointing my index finger at the screen




…It almost seemed like somewhere on that stage, Drake was surely going to be found standing there, head in the air-proud, eyes closed, lips Carlton Banks tight and dressed in a crisp, white sweater with another thrown across his back and folded all preppy-like in the front, right?


I know, I thought the same thing too!

I sat there watching the video like: “Where’s Drake? Surely he’s there!”

(Like my son would throw his head in the air, roll his eyes and say to me) “No fank you.”

Welp. According to Andrew Hampp [of Billboard] Drake pulled a Lauryn Hill of sorts and “mysteriously” disappeared-rap, rhyme, reason or no note to toll [proof of his ever being associated with Tidal until recently it seeped out].

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As well, in the 15 second clip, Hampp states:

“Uh, there’s also the fact that Jimmy Iovine (Apple) has directly gone after all the artists that were supposed to be involved with Tidal.”

Check it out for yourself:


Like me, Andrew Hampp has been keeping a watching eye and up on this streaming war wrangle. Here’s another interview about it, he did with CBS:



Whether it be because of Drake sporting the new iWatch while at Coachella last month his loyal [or good business decision-whatever you wish to call it–of not being caught up as a casualty of this streaming war], either way, it is about to pay off for him.


Reports are surfacing that he is being offered a cool $19 million to be apart of Apple’s radio service rumored to be launching sometime between June and September this year along with a subscription service.

As well, Pharrell and David Gueta are being courted to be apart of iRadio for DJ spots as well.

Along with a handful of top Radio 1 producers, it’s being said that Apple already secured Grammy nominated DJ Zane Lowe (BBC Network) to spearhead the iTunes Radio re-vamping.

Apple’s press conference introducing iTunes Radio + its music subscription platform is slated for an official June 8 press release at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Although we have yet to hear back from Jay Z’s cousin sent to fetch talent over in distant lands, Tidal isn’t going down without a fight. Whispers are that Jay Z is currently looking for strategic partners-specifically an existing music service to merge with Tidal.

It’s been said that Rhapsody was the service of interest however, “those talks ultimately broke down,” said our source.

Hey, if I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again.

Let the universe’s constellation spirit gods tell it-any communication while Mercury is in Retrograde is/will always be suspect, misinterpreted, mishad and haywire.

Apple’s [June 8th press conference] is gonna miss retrograde being over (on June 12) by what-4 days right?

This streaming saga and struggle continues.

*Kanye shrug

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