MASTERMINDING the MILLENNIAL MATRIX: How to Maintain Your Sanity, Sense of Self, Brand, Business and uber-Understanding of the Secrets Behind Our Social Media Society (Book 1, 2, and 3)

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Where there’s media, there’s propaganda.

And on social media versus real life, to varying degrees, we are all propagandists—putting forth props, pics, and posts to control what we want the world wide to (know) or (think) about what we got or are getting out of, or in this life. And for your brand, business, self-esteem or sanity; you need to know the ins, the outs, and the ropes to avoid strife.


Social media is a society of the reel world containing the very same elements that it took to begin civilization in society in the real world. So to work, live or play there, you need to know what to do while in. No matter how you play the game of social politics in real life, if you are a brand, business, or human body with a brain (professional, personal, or otherwise) if you are active on social media, you need MASTERMINDING the MILLENNIAL MATRIX: How to Maintain Your Sanity, Sense of Self, Brand, Business and uber-Understanding of the Secrets Behind Our Social Media Society.

A powerful, gut-clutching (yet, gut-punching), honest, candid and detailed explanation at every social level; you’ll surely elevate your game plan while being provided with the tools to empower you with masterminding social media to your mental, entrepreneurial, creative, professional, emotional, social, personal advantage.

Social media is about ‘media,’ first. Social-by way of it.

The ones who want to move and shake know and study who the movers and the shakers are. In order to shake and move, they take what they study to the wanna-be movers and shakers and dugout of brands and businesses who haven’t the slightest idea how the game goes. Hold on to your seat-for the sake of your brand, business, self-esteem or sanity, you will soon (be in the) know

Like playing a game of baseball but with hockey rules, social media is about the public connection and conversation reel atop real society elements:

  • GOVERNMENT: (in addition to/not just politicians, but your celebs, bloggers who provide you ‘media’: news, entertainment and information online, wanna-be celebs and even real, truly talented and skillful people discovering that the only thing that kept them from being famous celebrities was access to attention and an audience worldwide. In online ‘society’-those are the ‘governors’—entities and people you are in audience of aside from your timeline of friends on all of social media)
  • ECONOMIC EXCHANGE (the offering of goods and services gone from, and in addition to brick and mortar to digital/online accessibility)
  • RELIGION (every society has its bible thumpers-social media does too)
  • EDUCATION (your social media gurus, prophets, philosophers and intellectuals)
  • CONCEPT OF TIME whereby a ‘society’ connects and links itself to the past however, looks forward – (old, dialup life and times compared to now)
  • WRITING – to enable communication between groups — (done on your social media timelines, and pages and influenced by Internet blog sites etc.)
  • CONCEPT OF LEISURE-to permit advanced development of the arts — (industrial gon’ industrialize, organizations gon’ organize, and arts go’ create. The arts are a necessary part of leisure in society aside from all the business of a society.
  • SOCIAL HIERARCHY-to establish different social classes — (IG stunting or fronting, still life in a pic or video reel is to demonstrate association, connectedness or to create a world in our imagination about what we are doing, how we are doing, if we are doing or ‘got it’ to do.
  • FACULTY FOR CRITICISM-necessary to contemplate change and create necessary opposition within society – (just like negatives make pictures, resolution or revolution is derived from conflict or criticism and if there is no resolve, criticism is still a necessary part of life in order for opposition to bring about change or division to bring about opposition. As negative as it sounds, opposition is necessary for ‘sides’ to be. “Sides” are necessary to help people in a society with examples of what’s relative to them, their agenda, or beliefs.
  • CONCEPT OF HIGHER BEING-although not necessarily related to organized religion but rather, the way in which people develop a common view of the world that interprets events and finds “purpose” – no different than everybody’s purpose in life (all of a sudden) being rooted in something, public, (in) media, and famous
BOOKS 1 & 2 of 3

While maneuvering through this necessary part of life that we cannot ignore, each layer of the social media matrix that’s ever rendered you confused, or helpless will now be your power point. Guaranteed.

You will never be at peace from the pressures of social media until you recognize social media for being the society that it is alongside the very same 24/7/365 society that you live in at logoff. Like the selfie is a subculture to social media, social media is NOT a subculture to anything: culture/civilization/society/the world off-line. No sir. No ma’am. Social media is a BONAFIDE literal, supplement/2nd society–one that wasn’t written in the books arrived without a warning, or manual to prepare no business or no person. So to do business or personal with it, you’ve got to understand and know the secrets of the culture far over it being presented to you as a media marketplace and mere “social media.”

The Internet, followed by social media, arrived without a warning or a manual on how to successfully maneuver through, in, or around it to maintain your sanity, self, brand, or business.

The jigsaw is up. No more being befuddled and puzzled.

To equip you with the tools for smart, and meticulous mobilization; that manual for how to spot everything from social media’s language arts through indoctrinization is finally here…

BOOKS 1,2 & 3 of 3

This digital Kindle series is an APB (all points bulletin) literally. Like each page, no stones will be left unturned. Broken into:

Book 1

Books 1 and 2 of 3

Books 1, 2, and 3 of 3 …books 1 and 2 of 3 will contain any points missed in book 1. And books 1,2, and 3 of 3 will contain any points missed in books 1 and 2.

So get + read them ALL.

The paperback – early summer release. One. Entire. Book….(plus all, if any points missed in the Kindle digis 1, 2 and 3)!

Get it, too!

YOU will not want to miss a thing either!


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Author: Angela Sherice