MARTHA STEWART Got High With Old Pal SNOOP and Comedian JEFF ROSS

Awwwwwww sooki sooki now.

1433346289_martha-stewart-snoop-dogg-zoomBFF’s Snoop and Martha Stewart hooked up again.

Although Bieber’s roast took place a few weeks ago-as it turns out, there was roasting going on elsewhere too.

As per comedian Jeff Ross, the connoisseur of able to do everything (and all “good things”) domestic had herself quite the recreational time on the night of Bieber’s roast.

Ross told Conan O’Brien: “I was happy to hang out and hit on Martha Stewart at the afterparty.”

Comedian Jeff Ros_Kevin Hart_with_Martha Stewart

He continued (about the Comedy Central event) “We get nervous. These roasts are high pressure.”

To [quote] decompress a little bit [unquote] Ross added:

“Snoop pulled out his… whatever you smoke stuff out of. And me, him, and Martha Stewart got a little stoned. But she didn’t want to smoke directly so I shotgunned one right into her mouth.”


If you remember, Snoop visited Stewart’s popular hit show back in 2008 and made ……”green brownies” (of all things):

…A shortly time later, he returned to make mashed potatoes.

During the roast, in front of the crowd, Martha made sure to shout her old pal and chum out:

“It’s nice to see Snoop again. One of the highest-rated episodes on my show, ‘Martha Stewart Living,’ was when Snoop and I made brownies together. I’ve used his recipe ever since. As a matter of fact, I ate three of them right before they called and asked me to do this roast.”


I’ll let you guys play with that as you wish.
I mean, Jeff Ross said that a little “decompressing” was needed before these roasts. Martha knew, too. Martha knows everything–and made herself some “green brownies.”


I feel so corn right about now that I should just hand myself an ear of corn.

Martha Stewart got me beat at thug life twice: She smokes weed and she’s been to jail.

Hayell naw.

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