MARIA SHARAPOVA Had to Step Her Game Up

With technology expanding the way that it has, and the lure + mystery of superstardom having become extinct—with fans now able to get a bird’s eye-view of their favorite celebrities personality, pulse and predicates with just the click of a “log on” button; when fans meet them in person by chance, celebrities now have to step up their game with something far beyond a signature on a piece of paper.

If anybody can vouch for that being a fact, superstar tennis pro Maria Sharapova can-because just recently, she had to step her game up.

th (4)   Sharapova happens to be one of thee most photographed international tennis stars, and the fan must’ve known that, because a typical long-distance sneak shot of her just wouldn’t do.

th (3)  While out at dinner recently, rather than disturbing her (by standing there as she dined) a fan slipped her their iPhone with a slip of paper that arrived with her dinner check that had an usual request: To take a selfie along with an autograph (on the piece of paper that arrived with her check).

While in the midst of this proposition, paper, and paraphernalia (and in a terribly confused looking stance); the 6 foot 2 inch statuesque Sharapova had the look on her face of somebody maria-sharapova-1920x1200-35758 4 foot 11 while she her dinner guest taking a pic of her Tweeting out to the world this tweet:

No word yet-on if Sharapova obliged the request, but thus far-there are no overzealous fans running around Twitter with proof his/her request was honored as yet, but we do know she signed one thing………………………………………..she signed into the Australian Open Player Board.

Well, as for the fan-if you didn’t get the autograph………………….maybe she just didn’t know what to write  th (2)

*quick shoulder shrug*

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