MADONNA Makes Up for the Slander She Was Hit With for the Diamond Grill-This Time, Draped in Diamonds Totaling $1 Mill

MADONNA BLINGING This time around Madonna wasn’t putting up with you son’ser-b’s slandeing her son lil’ David, and slander her bout wearing diamond grills in her mouth out to the next fancy smancy shin-dig. This time, she was gonna shut your traps and give you something to really talk about.

Try slandering her and beating her a$$ in her own neighborhood while in serious bling this time why don’t you:

madonna red  The Material Girl threw her own after-Oscar’s party at her manager Guy Oseary’s mansion and she made sure she blinged all over her guests: dripping herself in over 1,000 carats if diamonds while wearing a slinky red dress matching red matte lips.

The celebrity filled, security/air tight party forbidding any papz, straddlers, and posers; promises its guest complete privacy-so even Madonna obeyed the rules and waited to vogue and strike a pose.

Of course the Leo in Madonna wouldn’t let this kind of glamour go-not having captured it for all the world’s stage to see. She posted a pic of herself adorned in the precious jewels that, in a press release (released), jeweler Neil Lane can proudly boast for designing [the thousand carats of diamonds] that the “Take a Bow” star wore.

According to reports and diamond tallies: Anne Hathaway walked the red carpet in 100 carats of Neil Lane Diamonds (totaling $1 million dollars), but Madonna wore ten times the jewels so…(do the math).

As far as her lavish headpiece goes, it is the work of jeweler Johanna Johnson which features Swarvoski crystal instead of diamonds. With having already $1 million dollars worth of bling-she didn’t want her guest to be so blinged out that they couldn’t see later.

The girl’s not only got personality-she’s got hospitality.

Source: Huff Post

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