M & M: MILEY and MADONNA Team Up for MTV Unplugged Tonight

Madonna was twerking a long time ago–before twerking became an Internet sensation (or collective competitive disaster-whichever you prefer to call it).

I can clearly remember one of my Madonna faves-in her “Beautiful Stranger” video (circa 2001) when while driving, Michael Myers was the lucky recipient of the Madonna twerk on the neck. I thought it was hilarious! (It’s around the 3:00 mark..I LOVE it!) LoL.

I love me some Madonna, okayyy?.

At any rate.

MadonnaTwerkInstagram  It was just last summer (June 2013) Madonna posted an Instagram video promoting her “Hard Candy” gym franchise pop class. Needless to say, since Madonna’s Michael Myers twerk-on-the-neck, twerking definitely (evolved?) well… took on a life all its own.

download (3)  Miley Cyrus is no stranger to twerking, if we remember, her twerking in and of itself was from another life (all its own)-but it worked out for, so hey.

images (4) Well, according to reports, there may not be a twerk-off but Madonna and Miley teamed up with the pop tart on her upcoming MTV Unplugged special (airing tonight) where rather than twerking; it is being reported that she drops a ton of F-bombs, and a couple crotch grabs [during].

The special will air Cyrus performing acoustic medleys of songs selected from her latest album: “Bangerz” where upon end-show, Madonna is said to have joined the 21 year-old pop tart on the Hollywood soundstage singing a mix of Madonna’s pop-western styled song: download Don’t Tell Me,” (2000) and Cyrus’ recent hit: “We Can’t Be Stopped” and Cyrus spanks the Queen of Pop (who if you remember performed with former pop tarts: Britney Spears and Christina Aguielera back in their pop tarts days not long ago).

images (1) Rather than the Miley Cyrus that we’ve grown to know and love now, backed by as seven-piece band and a stage decorated with hay bales, Cyrus gives her songs: “4×4” and “Bangerz” a “country” feel (hence, the mixing in of Madonna’s “Don’t Tell Me”).

I’m from Nashville. And since I couldn’t make all of you guys go back home with me, I tried to bring Nashville here for the night,” said Miley (to her audience)

download (2)  Although Miley’s come in [to the Hollywood/pop scene] like a wrecking ball-which is a stark-raving difference from her Nashville roots, I’m will to bet she sang my Miley fave that I’m subject to put in the CD player and ride off to on any given day: “Hands Up (Party in the U.S.A).”

I’ll certainly be watching with my hands up as well. This MTV Unplugged Special is something Miley’s been pretty excited about for a couple weeks now (via Twitter). Glad to know (and see) it is finally time. 

I feel like I’m at karaoke, but it’s only my turn, which is what I really like.”

I must say, Miley’s been at this (singing) for a while now, so I must agree. It is her turn and as well: her time. 

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