Rapper LUDACRIS In Court for Child Support on 2-Month Old Conceived Out of Girlfriendlock

104143-original  Well things are looking “Unpredictable” for rapper Ludacris, and whether or not this story is ludicrous to you, will definitely be left up to the eyes of the beholder91850-original  (and…court of law).

It was just last month that news was spreading about Luda having fathered a child (Cai) out of girlfriendlock-born to a woman by the name of Tamika Fuller on December 9, (while he was still in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend Eudoxie).

104466-original Well, however many nights of pleasure he had, fuller  it’s certainly turning out to be most probably 18-years of pain (at least if not with the child-the baby’s momma, certainly), because she’s on a mission: Hitting the ground rolling that “baby carriage” already, having estimated the cost of caring for the 2 month-old (already).

   download (77) While Ludacris [and whatever problems he may have been having with his longtime girlfriend Euxodie] now, may be all-bliss and that of mended fence; that baby’s mother certainly isn’t straddled the fence about what she is wanting out of this deal.

She is requesting $15,000 a month in child support [for the 2-month old].

98447-original  According to reports, Luda told the courts that he only made $55k last year and that he was strapped for cash because of the pause button being pressed on the monies he was unable to collect for “Fast and Furious 7,” (whereby well all know-another lead character was involved in and accident, crashed, and lost his life).

Luda explained to the courts that he was counting on the monies made from “Fast and Furious,” to make his payments.

99422-original While Luda claimed he could only afford to pay $1800 per month, fuller in court  until his financial records are thoroughly reviewed, the judge ordered that he pay $7000 per month right now (rather than the $15k Fuller was asking for).

The lyrics of art imitating life is certainly making its way into the life of the talented rapper, as it seems as though the mother [of his 2-month old] indeed wants tolifestyle “put-a-little-bit-of-exCITE…ment up in her lifestyle” right about now, courtesy (or responsibility) of him.  


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