Lovers & Friends: USHER Opts Out of Being Ushered? Reportedly Eloped Secretly Vacayed & Parlayed in Havana Along w/LUDACRIS & EUDOXIE? + Is ‘Secret’ The New ‘Scared’ Of Celebrity?

We broke the news to you earlier this year that the ring Usher’s girlfriendger Grace Miguel was wearing meant something then, for later, (or perhaps now for sure).

Rumors have it that the singing heartthrob tied the knot incog and quietly eloped rather than opting to have a big, traditional wedding.

Earlier this month over Labor Day weekend, Usher was in Cuba (with rapper Ludacris, who too got married recently-as we reported to yous). Perhaps Luda and Usher double honeymooned as, it is being reported that Grace and Usher parlayed and vacayed there (in Cuba) after having eloped.

Good for Usher-getting his grown man on and laying low in love.

Although as a woman (as I am sure most any woman would agree) the dream is the thrill of the traditional, big to-do.

Nowadays, in a regular life, that may very well be an expected tradition as usual.

But considering Usher’s public occupation (celebrity)—somehow attaching the throes and shows of social media being attached to celebrity relationships being apart of an image to be put on display, if it’s really “special,” special is sacred and sacred should be secret.

Usher is the father of two boys Naviyd Ely, 6, and seven year-old Usher Raymond V-of which he fathered with

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