Louisiana’s Triple S Convenience Store Officer Involved Shooting of ALTON STERLING: Shame Shame Shame + Its Eerie Similarities of TRAYVON MARTIN & ERIC GARNER CASE And What This Means


altogether-to say the least.


Alton Sterlings sonRace relations and the dire need for cultural diversity training is at an all-time high.

Like what I said here, I will always stand by my notion [that given inherit stereotypes and systems set in place long ago] all races are branded with stereotypes that many believe and hold on to today and chose apathy versus understanding and unity as, such thoughts and beliefs actually take an intelligent mind-conscious of their thoughts to make the decision to not [be racist].

Because of what’s inherently embedded in you, it takes conscious effort (on a daily basis) not act on racist stereotypes and views that some are just not willing to do-alton sterling with sonit’s a lifestyle (to do or not to do).

And while it’s true that we are who we are while no one’s looking, unfortunately when who we are when we’ve got a gun and the law behind us, who we are is most dangerous of all-because and don’t even have to care who’s looking.

While we can go days on the racism debate, it’s really this simple:

Racist is he who elects to act on fears and stereotypes of another race of people but with the power or privilege of having like heads of systems that afford him the freedom to act out his/her racist views.

“Reactionism” is just the opposite of racism: He who is merely reactive to racism-with no power or privilege of having like as heads of systems that does not afford him freedom-period.

Alton Sterling was someone’s brother, uncle, son, and well…was the

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