Long Hand of the Law Lenient on CHRIS BROWN Who Remained ‘Loyal’ to His List of Courthouse Commands, Escapes Going to the Big House

Other Side of the Fame informed you in a previous blog where, rs_634x1024-130610154024-634.brown.cm.61013for his legal woes stemming from and incident in Washington D.C (which inadvertently feel back on the “on the shelf punishment” 293.brown.walking.lc.032211 425.cb.t.lc.032211 looming over his head and life regarding that notorious incident involving singer Rihanna) Chris Brown narrowly escaped jail time by instead, being sentenced to three month in a rehab facility on November 20, 2013, where he had been reportedly doing well [as we reported].

rs_1024x759-130816161946-1024.brown.ls.81613  We reported that he was due back in court in February 2014 for it to be determined whether or not (for the D.C incident) if he would be serving time at the Big House, or sent back to the rehab facility for treatment as punishment.

rs_1024x759-130715154259-1024.brown.cm.71513  That day came for Brown to come back and face the judge came: fast.

chris and girlfriend Chris-Brown Feb Court date  article-2551301-1B2E401900000578-358_634x921Chris-Brown-Court-2 Accompanied by his mother Joyce Hawkins and girlfriend Karrueche Tran, the 24 year old R&B crooner showed up in court with his hair back to its natural dark brown color and dressed casually in a blue button-down shirt, a dark colored jean, a brown houndstooth blazer, royal blue shiny dress-shoes and his usual bling. Chris-Brown-Court-6

article-2551301-1B2E2EFB00000578-250_634x483 Chris-Brown-Court-5     Brown said little as his attorney: Mark Geragos talked for him.

All went well and he won’t be going to the Big House for now. Geragos victoriously argued against the L.A District Attorney’s motion that Brown should be locked up for the charges against him on the Washington incident further stating they had witnesses prepared to be able to prove that Brown violated his probation [stemming for the 2009 assault on singer Rihanna].

Geragos successfully argue that his client (Brown-who had his probation revoked on December 16, 2013) was “making strides” in his treatment program and because of, should not have that progress interrupted. Those “strides” included 109 hours of community service and the passing of his last four drug tests having come back clean.

Geragos suggested to the court: “I say keep things on a short leash. Keep him where he is now. He is making great strides, and all you have to do is look at him (and I’ve known him for five years)” he added. “He’s as good as he’s ever been.”

rs_634x1024-130604160707-634..brown.ls.6413_copy  L.A Superior Court Judge James Brandin agreed, however, forewarned that Brown adhere to all rules set forth by the court which included the order to continue to take his prescription medications and to abstain from “medical marijuana.”

The next [probation violation] hearing is scheduled for February 28 to check up on Chris’ progress forthcoming.

425.cb.gma.3.lc.032211  Meanwhile though, he’s still scheduled to appear at a hearing in D.C on February 20 for that Washington incident for which he is accused of 293.cb.gma.4.lc.032211punching a guy who tried to photobomb Brown as he stood with a couple of 293.brown.fan.lc.032211 female fans to snap the shot.

rs_1024x759-131029190735-1024.Chris-Brown-Court.ms.102913  Originally Brown and one of his bodyguards rejected the plea deal in the D.C case with Brown’s attorney in that case (Danny Onorato) telling reporters that Brown rejected the plea deal because his client was not guilty.

Through it all, the game ‘don’t stop ‘cause a player gets knocked.

article-0-1B3A280100000578-190_634x909  Chris Brown took a short break from rehab where it is being reported he spent some time at his with his friend and fellow R & B crooner Trey Songz at his Super Bowl party after meeting with his attorney for a few minutes however, took a moment to stick his head in to the festivities for around ten minutes-no drinking and too, was accompanied by an employee at the rehab facility the entire time whom he returned back to the facility with.

Additionally, although his life has been interrupted since November 2013, Brown still managed to work on new music. He released a hot new single on airwaves right now-in collaboration with rappers Lil’ Wayne and French Montana called “Loyal.”

article-2551301-1B2E2AF800000578-668_634x620  And from the looks of things, things are looking up for Brown. An looks as if as long as he stays loyal to the long hand of the law, everything will work out fine for him.


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