“LIVE! With KELLY & MICHAEL” Dead? MICHAEL STRAHAN Unexpectedly Leaves For @GMA

Michael Strahan on GMA

Kelly Ripa tore herself from television today-absent from “Live! With Kelly and Michael” in…let’s say…an [honest?] attempt to avoid the “Live!” part of the show’s name (and simply decided to play hooky after being given the news that her show’s co-host Michael Strahan jumped ship).

I KNEW something was in the mix when a few times this year I’d seen Michael standing along the Good Morning America crew doing his anchor bit-it just looked wayyyyyy too ‘right’ a fit. But what happens when the same is true for Michael on the Live! With Kelly Ripa show?



Kelly and MichaelYeah…this is how I feel, too: ‘bout as torn as you.

But obviously the former NFL player turned talk show host had no problem making his decision as, it’s being reported that Strahan strayed (and played?) my girl Kells and is moving on to other full-time anchor duties at that GMA table.

I can’t image what happened.

Kells is way too fun a girl and I can’t, or never felt any any tension between the two but whether we, (or she) likes it or not; a decision was indeed made: Beginning September 2016, Michael Strahan, 44, will be a permanent fixture on GMA. Period. Dot.

Although Michael showed up today (sitting next to Ana Gasteyer filling in for Kelly-who was blindsided by Strahan straying) reportedly, put her ‘sick day’ notice in last night (stating she would not be coming in today)—and they don’t know (exactly) when she’ll be back.

She does indeed plan to

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