Little Boy Intervenes When Pet Goat Is About to Be Lead To Slaughter + Why Kids, The Elderly, Special Needs and People Under 26 Are ‘Special’

Kids are smart little creatures who have a world of their own and are one of three kinds of people in the world I give an extra layer of understanding to, along with:

  • People under 26 (because scientifically it is proven that their frontal lobes aren’t fully developed yet and is something to consider in their decision making process-despite the fact that the law and society cares zero about that at sometimes, I even understand that, too)
  • Special need people (they can’t help how they are and I believe are God’s little angels and tests to test the human being or animals in us)
  • Kids (because they only get about the first five years to actually “be” kids. After that, we-as parents-start placing societies rules upon them in a loving effort to get them ready for the world
  • Old people (they naturally grow into needing help and have lived enough to get the favor returned and without incident-say appalling, horrible, things that naturally spill from their vile little mouths-because, like kids, my personal belief is that some part of our person goes back to that kid we were cut short of being. I often pardon little old people who’ve gotten to that point because I understand

If you think about it, to only have about 5 years (and less-depending on your parents), to be a “kid”-that is a very short amount of time to be “natural.”11665726_1459047617749653_8103588393440067591_n

You fart in front of other people with no shame.

You dig your butt, and burp in front of other people with no shame-all that.

So when you think about it, none of us are really fully as “natural” as we really are (or could have been)—but that’s what separates us from animals.

Animals have an animal kingdom of survival of the fittest as we humans we have the long hand of the law, peer scrutiny, religion and societies rules to tame the animal in us (that we really could be at any moment in time—hence why human interaction and socialization and such are very important).

Considering the fact that humans have dominion over animals (that are not out in the wild kingdom), unfortunately, outside of the animals we love and care for in our homes, we do things to those animals (for food, and all else-depending on culture and tradition).

Check out this video of this little toddler fighting hard to keep his widdle Capricorn from being lead to slaughter.

The caption read:

In Nepal, when people go to Temple, some of them take a goat or chicken to sacrifice. This was Adrian’s first visit to Nepal and first visit to a Temple. When Adrian accidentally spotted a goat being slaughtered, he realized his new animal friend was next in line

The good thing in it: He won-watch his reaction from there and instant change of emotion. Bless his heart.

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