LIL’ KIM To NICKI MINAJ: “I Gave Birth To Your Style Watch How You Talk To Your Mammy”

Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim OTHERSIDEOFTHEFAME _…And the beat  beef  foes goes on.

Lil’ Kim struck again.


While it was just early this week (when the “Flawless” remix dropped) Nicki Minaj was crooning to the tune:

Mayday mayday, earth to bitches Slap these hoes on they ass like we birthing bitches” –NICKI

Well. Lil’ Kim had this to say to that:

I gave birth to your style watch how you speak to ya’ mammy.” –LIL’ KIM

Lil Kim Flawless Nicki Minaj dissIt was just yesterday (8.5.14) when Lil’ Kim the Queen Bee stung the world of social media when buzz got around that (in Beyonce’s “Flawless” remix) rap rival Nicki Minaj refered to herself as the “Queen of Rap” [while handing the other title of ‘Queen’ to  Bey…Beyonce, reciting: “The queen of rap, slayin with queen Bey”].

One would wonder why doesn’t Lil’ Kim have a problem with “Queen Bey” [having referred to herself as “Queen Bey” a time or two] but in the game of semantics-what’s in name?

There’s: “Queen Bey” (Beyonce)

Then there’s: [“Lil’ Kim The Queen Bee”]

There’s also another irony to this whole “Queen” thing:

Although it was Beyonce’s fans that elected to bestow their discipleship upon Queen Bey and begin to referring to themselves as “The Beyhive” (feat. Reeks, Bunky & Vee & Saint from Advakids), if you’re a Lil’ Kim fan and know rap/rap history, then you also know Lil’ Kim is on record for referring to her goons as [the] “Beehive”–and even wrote a song about it (which, I might add, is one of my many favs from her LaBella Mafia CD that’ll bumps dents in your ride, I promise you. It cannot be denied. It’s diesel):






Seeing as though “Queen Bey” is different from “Lil’ Kim The Queen Bee” and The Beyhive (rather than Beyonce, herself) elected to call themselves [The Beyhive], it just wasn’t worth coming after a bunch of fans for swagger-jacking, I’m guessing.


Seeing as though the irony of two artists collabo’d on a song with remnants of “Queen Bee/The Queen of Rap” woven all in between, Lil’ Kim was going to be damned if she was going to let Nicki Minaj run of with the self moniker “The Queen of Rap” (as she said in the “Flawless” remix).

Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim OTHERSIDEOFTHEFAME 3 Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim OTHERSIDEOFTHEFAME 4 Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim OTHERSIDEOFTHEFAME 5Keeping true to the culture of hip hop, Lil’ Kim (who’s long felt that Nicki Minaj jacked her style without ever paying homage to her), decided that this time around, she wasn’t going to take Nicki’s Barbie-jackin’ laying down and it was time for some heads to pop off.Barbie head popped off OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME

So in a new diss record called “Indentity Theft,” right out the blue, mid-afternoon (8.6.14); LiL’ Kim dropped us a few lines:


For the record, if you want to hear both sides of both these awesome rappers’ stories (about the origins and history of their beef), here you go:


Although Nicki Minaj’s version of the beef was recorded over a year ago, where in it-she stated about responding to Kim: “When I see your name on Billboard, that’s when I’ll respond to you”) we don’t know if the stings from “Lil’ Kim the Queen Bee” here of late, is going to change her mind.


Guess we’ll have to wait and bee see…

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