LIL’ KIM Shares Darling Pic of ROYAL REIGN In All Her Slobbering Glory


lil-kim-royal-reignDoes the next generation have another rap spitter on their hands?

From the looks of things, baby QB (Royal Reign)-reigning heir of the Queen Bee herself Lil’ Kim was captured in a photo by her mommy in all her cuteness and slobbering splendor.

Born just on June 9, Royal Reign is 4 months crowned and the most glorious precious little thing in her mommy’s life.

royal reignKnown for rapping about expensive gifts and accoutrements-a-plenty, in a recent interview however, according to Lil’ Kim, nothing can compare to the gift she’s be blessed with-where being a mommy and Royal Reign is concerned.

She said, about being a mom [it’s] “the most expense gift God has ever given me,”

“Come on dice.”

“Come on dice.”

I betcha this:

With a name like Royal Reign, I’m more than sure Lil’ Kim stayed true to the game when she herself spit the words:

I do it big, my first kid gon’ have a crib all brass.”

Although weighing in a tiny 6 pounds and 9 ounces, we’re more than sure Royal Reign’s mommy is doing it way big for her little princess.

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