LIL’ KIM and EVE To Have “The Talk?”

Once upon a time not long ago when people lived life slow long before social, rapper #LiLKim was at the top of her game, yet other female rappers weren’t afraid to step on the scene and get it crackin.’

One such rapper was #Eve – the first lady of the #RuffRyders who then, fancied herself, “a pit bull in a skirt,” following up with her notorious paw prints branded between hers bosom.

Back then (early 2000s) there was no social media subtweeting, and fan gangs, but it was evident and clear that both #LilKim and #Eve took shots at one another in a few bars.

Let’s pull out state’s evidence shall we? So without further adieu, let’s rewind back to a time when Lil’ Kim hit #FoxyBrown and Eve off in within sixteen bars in “Came Back for You” from her under rated La Bella Mafia CD:


“It’s enough I got to put up with this Doo Doo Brown chick
Now you and you wanna come at me from all sides
I’m gettin money, don’t think I just be lettin shit slide
I’m very concerned with fashion ain’t my fault y’all don’t know how ta
Rock this Hollyhood thang y’all need to let me style ya
Come back, to the light ma, I started the shit
How soon we forget I’m the heart of the shit
So keep your tacky ways and go back to your stripper days
As long as I’m around, you gon’ bow down”

(Eve, a former stripper from Philly, got the savage tongue-lashing at the tail end of that one).

Here’s state’s evidence on EVE’s bars (the led to that Lil’ Kim rap-back, in her song with Gwen Stefani called “Let Me Blow Your Mind”):

“Some of y’all ain’t writing well, too concerned with fashion
None of you ain’t Giselle, cat walk and imagine
A lot of y’all Hollywood, drama, casted
Cut bitch, camera off, real shit, blast it”

Unfortunately, in the rap game, the position is immediately assumed that rap wrangles is just as much a part of being a female rapper and just necessary as rapping itself for anyone calling themselves a rapper.

Although years later, Lil’ Kim and Eve appeared in photo ops and made nice with one another,

…and here, of late, shared the same stage, it can’t be denied that that was an ‘energy’ (and bars) between the two raptresses.

Image result for eve and lil kim

Fast forward.

Either her fellow co-hosts inquired and/or Eve-now, a co-host of the popular CBS afternoon show called The Talk-(obviously) made mention what she’s already gone on record for having said in interviews before): That she and Kim didn’t mesh initially.

According the screenshot, Lil’ Kim obviously just got wind of this talk show mention and posted-wanting it made clear that she and Eve are “real friends” and “not fighting.”

That being said, (and known in the rap community) it’s clear that both Eve and Lil’ Kim have ironed out their wrangles—but surely this can all be settled by that same screenshot of @TheTalkCBS’ clear use of the words “@TheRealEve opens up about her past beef with Rapper Lil Kim,” rather than present tense.

That should pretty much settle that and keep the peace <3


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Author: Angela Sherice