LIL’ KIM: Been Gone For Minute Now She’s Back With the Jump….On – Gets At NICKI MINAJ On ‘Flawless’ Remix


In the words of Lil’ Kim:

You wanna rumble with the B? Throw a hex on ya whole family Nicki.”

I guess that’s what she’s saying right about now because The Queen Bee came back for her throne, honey-stinging in a big way, today.

In less than 24 hours, the self-monikered Queen Bee: Lil’ Kim [who told us all before] “I’m Queen of Rap. There is none higher. Did she tell your that. The bitch is a liar,” she must of meant what she said. Because after getting wind of Nicki’s verse on Beyonce’s Flawless, “Lil’ Kim the Queen Bee,” came out stinging-and courteous; still allowing Beyonce’s verse to do its thing. And she even allowed Nicki to finish her verse…………. that is…until she (Nicki) got to the end of the verse (after Beyonce’s) and proceeded to spit: “The Queen of Rap, slaying with Queen Bey.”

By the 3:14 sec of Flawless, Kim steps in to reclaim her throne and request that humble pi be served: stat!

Lil’ Kim has sat back and given the floor to Nicki for the past six years (and even allowed us all to let Beyonce be on the run with “Queen Bey,”– B with an ‘ey’ rather B than ‘ee), but I’m guessing she will be damned if she allows Nicki Minaj to dethrone her by referring to herself as “The Queen of Rap” right about now…[and now that she’s dropped her load, baby QB: “Royal Reign”].

Well, “Lil Kim the Queen Bee” came back for her royal reign of sorts, by interrupting Beyonce and Nicki Minaj’s regular scheduled program.

So without further adieu and in the words of Lil’ Kim, “Shall I pro-ceed?”

Yes indeed:

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