Like Daughter, Like Father: BILLY RAY CYRUS Pulled a MILEY with Rap Re-make of “Achy Breaky Heart”


I’m a daddy’s girl, so I know how easily inspired and wrapped around that daddy’s finger a girl can be-to the point where he’ll defend, and do the most craziest things-all in the name of love for “daddy’s girl.”

??????????? Add Billy Ray Cyrus to that list of doing crazy things—inspired by his very own baby girl: Miley Cyrus who herself, did pretty well after cashing in her “safe” poptart image the very moment she started twerking and making rap music (“23”)with well-known rap producers who helped put her on the charts in a different kind of way.

It’s a new day and time now, and a man’s middle age crisis antics like going out to buy sporty new red fast cars and picking up the first young honey that returns your smile while in line at the store are over-especially when you have at your disposal: A song from your hey day, that at one time itself, went fast up the charts.

Don’t call it a comeback-a “remix” will do.

And I’m guessing Billy Ray Cyrus’ idea and concept of rap has all the elements as he sees it-right in his new video “Achy Breaky Heart 2.”

You be the judge.

But what better way than to “feature” yourself in your own song and hand the monstrosity over to unknown rapper: “Buck 22” to let him not live it down and ruin his rap cred forever.


Actually, the remixed song wasn’t half-bad minus the sterotypes and coonery (in the video)-it completely turns the artistry into parody. Furthermore, it actually has nice production/track. Why mess it up with the Tom Coonery, though?

Have a look/listen at the original version:

Source: MSNBC/Tim Molloy

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