Singer LETOYA LUCKETT & Social Media Sanguine ROB HILL Sr Divorce After Just 2 Months – What Can We Learn From This Type of Situation?

start it, the show is on. The relationship’s flame can easily become lit by the spark it solicited that drew back a flame.

Unlike singularly, that action in soliciting a reaction can’t happen every day before two people begin to look like clowns. So putting on that kind of show is a very fine line on social media that carries a big risk.

Understanding the lure of a girl who’s on record with hardcore proof that she grew up with, danced and sang with Beyonce can be exciting. But that doesn’t mean she’s Beyonce.

The lure of a popular social media guy who (on social media) posts all the right words, doesn’t mean the chemistry and action is guaranteed to match.

LeToya and Rob Hill sr 2Sh/t happens.

The life span of a post cross-platforms descends. The life span of a tweet is something that the people that run Twitter is in control of, a person can suddenly like and retweet something you posted 6 months ago.

But, the “care” span of that same tweet has all but 3 to 20 minutes before descending, so hopefully it came in the form of a link that made anybody care to seek you or what you have to say or show out-well past the post.

That being said, Beyonce herself, and Nicki Minaj had the longest running 24 hours anyone cared about a new, anticipated video. After that, those who cared had to go elsewhere to play with it because the care span on social media was no more (after those 24 hours).

As revered as Beyonce is, always use that example to gauge about how long anybody’s going to cheerlead the newness of a relationship you’re proving or power couple up with.

That being the case, whether you’re famous, wanna be famous (or just on the Internet trying to “prove” your true, or new love to the world), it’s the real behind the reel that makes or breaks it.

Maybe they, like anybody else does in these social media times, needed time to feel each other’s “real” before the reel began.

In relationships, there be a TON of things you have to work out longgg before you put out.

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