Singer LETOYA LUCKETT & Social Media Sanguine ROB HILL Sr Divorce After Just 2 Months – What Can We Learn From This Type of Situation?

“real” they may seem.

When it comes to altruism and what’s real, the only thing that is real is what’s said or done in private that no one knows. There’s a difference between caricature and character. And obviously a large part of social media is going to present themselves as people of great, dignified character. The other (large part, too) are going to present themselves as attention seeking, caricatures but to varying degrees. Each has the same goal, though: To be seen as some thing redeemable and/or that yields a reward-whether that be attention, or an occupation made from it. Period dot.

That’s the nature of social media.

So when you consider that (truth) you’re in for a lot in trying to uncover the real behind a person’s reel, and everybody’s reel is meticulously filtered through a square that fits snug in an Instagram square, a 500+ Facebook post, or a 140-character limit of a Twitter post, in conjunction LeToya and Rob Hill sr 3of the lights, camera, action of a selfie stick and dashboard cam for any and all social media platforms permitting the upload of the performance.

Whether it be Rob Hill Sr. and LeToya Luckett, or some random persons on social media, where relationships are concerned, unfortunately, often times people put their relationships out there on display (in the name of sharing) to either solicit or prove something(s): That they either got somebody or are power coupled up.

I’ve never seen more dramatic displays of pre unions, weddings and beginning buzz new displays of relationship in my life until social media. I’ve seen it at all levels, unheard and thought of and I’m sure you have too.

The problem with that is, once you put out like that (regardless the modest or extravagant degree) both have to do the same thing: maintain. Period. Dot.

Whether singularly or as a couple, once you begin to feed off the energy you solicit for approval, acceptance or attention, you need it in order to maintain.

Singularly, your whole existence, self esteem, inspiration and motivation becomes a slave to being ignited by antics and all other things you put forth to get solicitation (under the guise of “engagement”).

The Internet is a logging on process that is here to stay, and that kind of reinforcement will control your mood and how you see yourself (up to and including false senses of success or self no
different than that which may be real or true). The blurred line in this reel is real. The habitual act of logging on everyday, followed by the same actions for reactions will blur that line on a daily basis.

As a couple, it’s even harder because it’s two personalities putting out and soliciting for attention, pulse and vibration nonetheless. Once you

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