Singer LETOYA LUCKETT & Social Media Sanguine ROB HILL Sr Divorce After Just 2 Months – What Can We Learn From This Type of Situation?

So people are whispering about the loud announcement a few months ago yet, the quiet and mysterious breakup divorce of former Destiny’s Child original member gone solo LeToya Luckett and social media sanguine (to the ladies): Rob Hill Sr.

Up and down his timelines and social media accounts, given that Rob Hill Sr. was notorious for posting thoughts and other words of encouragement, motivation and remedies for matters of the heart; it would seem that those words would somehow translate into some kind of magical action when brought to fruition, but only Luckett would have the answer to that.

Just to put you on notice, in case you didn’t know already, the short lived relationship’s divorce decree has a very specific clause: bad or god, LeToya and Rob Hill srwritten, audio, recorded or otherwise, Rob Hill Sr. or LeToya are not to discuss whatever happened between them via social or the blogs—where the fireworks began and (as reported) the flames came to an end.

Since his 2009 inception and rapport having been built with legions of females across social media-catcalling and “yasssss’in” their way in agreement to all he had to say, it would seem he had quite the remedy for love everlasting yet, this certainly the case.

RobHillSr_LeToyaLuckettSo what happened?

What can we learn from this?

Other than the fact we learned that the two tied the knot in January (2016) but by April, were a done deal (finalized as reported just yesterday), the only alleged scandal that seeped out was the fact that Rob ‘liked’ a few photos on some other woman’s social media account. When it got put on blast, he allegedly blocked the source that put it out there and in turn, reported the source to the site and got the info + pic proof taken down.

Omitting any and all speculation, other than that, what we can learn from this is that “social media” is just what it is down to the meaning of both words:

Social: the opposite of personal and private=public. We only get about the first 5 years of life to dig in our butts, fart, pic our noses and do other awful, yet natural things in public and around other people. From about 5 years and up, we are conditioned to get corrected on how to behave, think, feel and act in public—up to and through when we are adults, nonetheless.

Media: via radio, television, newspapers and now: the Internet, media is a form of mass (public) communication. This form of “communication” is where most all filtering of real thoughts, actions and doings make their way through a reel of what people either wish were true or simply a filtered reel of what may or may not be real.


Meeting someone on social media is a very tricky thing, no matter how

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