LENA DUNHAM Slaps SHIA LABEOUF With The Olive Branch Extended for Plagarizing + Taking Apology to the Friendly Skies

You ever get so mad at someone for something they did to you, and you reject their lackluster apology by giving it no shine?

And even despite their grandiose attempts at showing you just how “sorry” they are, you still found yourself saying: “I don’t give a damn if you write it in the sky, I still don’t forgive you!”

shia-lena-340x440  Well Lena Dunham, creator and star of the popular HBO series “Girls” ‘aint having it when it comes to the newest apology “written in the sky” by Shia LeBouf.

No…literally wrote it in the sky, like: Paid for skywriters-the plane, the smoke-all that. He went all out.

Well, let me give you the fire behind all this smoke.


*blows bangs*    

*does the ‘talk to the hand’ gesture, while simultaneously sucking my teeth and rolling my eyes in head for preparation to tell the story*


What had happened was…………

Shia LaBeouf  Back in late December last year 2013, Shia LaBeouf was being accused of plagiarism by two publishers stating that he lifted their material for his short film and mini-comic book called: “Stale n Mate.” Dennis Johnson of Melville House (publishers) told Publishers Weekly (magazine) that he was exploring legal action against LaBeouf because he “borrowed heavily” from their author Benoit Duteurtre’s novel “The Little Girl and the Cigarette.” To add injury to insult (yeah-in that order), publisher: Fantagraphics told Publishers Weekly that their artist/client: Daniel Clowes was “exploring all legal options” after Shia admitting his character by the name of “Justin M. Damiano”-a character in his very own short film HowardCantour.com (which premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival back in May).

Although  LaBeouf fessed up to the Fantagraphic/Clowes claim [of plagiarism], he had not addressed the Duteurte/Melville House claim which was explained in full via a post by Josh Farkas via RefreshingContent.com . (And according to reports, Shia practically copied and pasted Clowe’s work as his own-it was supposed to have been that verbatim). But the only thing LaBeouf said with regard Clowes was that he hoped to work out a deal with him.

But a strange thing happened…instead of directly talking to Clowes/Fantagraphics (and fessing up like he did with the Duteurtre/Melville House situation), LaBeouf took to Twitter and tweeted an open Tweet (like an open letter)-apologizing for ripping off Clowes. As quoted from our source: “It was [a] cobbled together form of quotes from Kanye West, Robert McNamara, and Tiger Woods,” [unquote].


After plagiarizing, [never in LaBeouf’s wildest dream past thinking he would ever get caught for the two counts of plagiarizing that he did] could he have imagined the literary detective work that was going to be raked over the coals with anything he published from that day going forward in this wild sea of social media sharks.


…And check out what they wrote at the end of the examples they pulled: “Shia LaBeouf is currently tweeting *another* apology for his plagiarism and he’s already plagiarized Tiger Woods, Robert McNamara and Kanye West. I don’t think he knows how this works.”


If you don’t get the joke, I’ll tell you: The “cobbled together form of quotes” [from all aforementioned celebs] were all gathered to support the opinion that LaBeouf probably even pulled the apology from all those celebs’ apologies! (We at Other Side of the Fame’ll just call it a: “KanyeNaraWoods” apology) and get on with it.


But The Examining of Shia LaBeouf’s moves doesn’t end there.

This next one is a kind of art imitating life of sorts: According to Farkas (of RefreshingContent.com), another comic: “Let’s F—-ing Party,” steals from a poet by the name of Charles Bukowski, and when LaBeouf exited the play “Orphans,” he (in “character?”) explains himself by plagiarizing both David Mamet and Esquire writer: Tom Chiarella! With regard to that, as remarked and quoted by our sources: “Say this for LaBeouf: He’s Well-read” (about his real life plagarism having imitated art?)

Ouch (again).

As more news comes out about this debacle, we found out and confirmed that Shia did indeed offer Clowes that apology…well sort of…

*does the “time out” hand gesture and turns to the imaginary person behind me*

Ummmm..are we okay with Twitter apologies being formal apologies?

At any rate, Shia had tweeted: 

But the apologies kept-a-comin.’


This next apology came in the form of smoke: written in the friendly skies:


Although this is a uniquely grandiose (definitely informal) apology; LaBeouf should have done his research before paying the skywriter to write it in the Los Angeles skies (considering everything he publishes will be subject to investigation-going forward). Because the Great Twitter Dig uncovered that Clowes actually lives in Oakland (by raking over his tweets and discovering!).



01-LenaDunham-girls06-jpg_004001  Word got back to Lena Dunham: (about Shia’s transgressions and the apology in the friendly skies). Dunham had a few unfriendly choice words about the olive branch Shia extended and instead, lashed out at him with it.

a_4x-horizontal  Via Twitter this past Saturday, Dunham wrote: “I’ve always felt, utterly and unchangeably, that only sociopaths hire skywriters.”

140105shia-leboeuf-lena-dunham1_300x206  LaBeouf replied, “I don’t mind creating debate with thoroughly considered artistic expressions but I don’t want to offend with a tweet. Sorry world.”

th (3)  Dunham then responded with



At any rate, the former “Even Stevens” star sent his last tweet Sunday morning, posting: “Gonna hop off Twitter for awhile. Enjoy the sunshine, breathe the air. Hope no one was offended.”

*turns back to the imaginary person behind me in the room I’m writing from*

Uh….what in HEAVENS just happened here?

You tell me, but Shia assures us of this one (true) thing:

Between my story about Carlos Santana finding his bandmate homeless after 40 years and THIS juicy story; Oprah needs to be seeing me about some story ideas. Inquiring minds want to know!

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