LEBRON JAMES Caught DM’ing Teammate JOSHUA BOYER’s Girl — Or Did She Just Take One For the Team? You Decide

makes you look like just another Instagram, attention-seeking ‘thot.’

Besides that, if it was Rachel’s boyfriend/LeBron’s teammate that instructed her to blast it out to the world, hopefully him putting her up to making the ‘thot’ move yields her the publicity she wants to further herrrrrrrrr eh:

*Rachel_BushIGrolls eyes in head

*blows bangs

… “modeling career” (and should know she doesn’t mean that much to him and that she’s cool for publicity for him, LeBron and
basically just took one for the team).



Rachel Bush does have a theory. In all fairness to her, let’s post hers:

“LeBron has a wife and two-three kids. I know he respects them and I respect them/ They have certain people running their pages sometimes. DMs by multiple people where their friends or their manager have tried to talk to me pretending to be them, they’re totally okay with that.”



Tap in and listen:

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