LEBRON JAMES Caught DM’ing Teammate JOSHUA BOYER’s Girl — Or Did She Just Take One For the Team? You Decide

Although Cleveland native LeBron spoke around the subject (rather than at/about the subject/victim) therefore (in the eyes of the boys mother) took a shot (but drew a blank) at the actual ‘speakSavannah and Lebron up’ request of the Cleveland native/resident mom whose son: Tamir Rice was shot and killed; given what’s shooting around the salacious, silly side of social media, we’re sure LeBron will indeed speak up (and rather than around it) right at the subject—if to no one else but his wife Savannah.

*rolls eyes in head

*blows bangs

What had-happened?

Ohhhhhhh just the Instagram shopping, trick-world usual

Here goes:

Step 1. Thirtsy male surfs the ‘Gram

Step 2. Finds ‘thot’

Step 3. Slides up in her DM with his thoughts

Step 4. Thot posts message for the world of social media to see



The problem with that however was that this time, the allegedly slider-upper in the ‘thot’s’ DM’er was Cleveland Cavs’ [married, astute, regardless of the human or crooked sh/t I do, tread lightly with my social status and reputation Capricorn born] LeBron James sliding into the DM’s of some chick named Rachel Bush (no pun).

Rachel and LeBronThe problem with that is-this Rachel Bush broad who’s a [quote] “barely legal” Miami Instagram model [end quote] is reportedly the girlfriend of James’ teammate: Jordan Boyer.

The discrepancy between the @Rachel_Bush and the @RachelBush ‘screenshot evidence’ is that (reportedly-as per her manager Joshua McDonald), when she deleted the DM (sent last week) off her main Instagram account (hacked a month ago), she left it on her backup” Instagram (as shown in the screenshot).



My DM just caught a body! – Yo Gotti

As per her manager, that indeed, is LeBron “KingJames” attempting to get it going down in the DM—trying to catch a body…belonging to someone else.


It goes like this.

Dudes run game and have loyalty for one another in ways women don’t and never will in cases like this.Rachel and Joshua

It could be very well that that Boyer dude and James set this up to see how this broad would respond to someone like “LeBron James” sliding up in her DM attempting to get it poppin.’ For all we know, Savannah may have already been forewarned.

Should that be the case, the problem with that is one or two things:

Rachel Bush is indeed a ‘thot’ since she moved like one (like they all do): [by] posting the ‘evidence’ out for the silly world of social media to see (when she very well could have showed it to the boyfriend who could have taken it to LeBron and they could have handled it privately). Moves like (posting ‘evidence’ in public doesn’t necessarily prove your loyalty and allegiance to these type of dudes, it just

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