#RandomActsOfKindnessDay | Leading Airline @DELTA Provide First Class Privacy For Nursing Mom Of Triplets

A girl’s gotta do what the “girls” got due when the baby’s gotta eat!

While the debate on whether or not breastfeeding is something that should be done in private or discreetly will always be a constant push and pull, there are times when a nursing mom’s gotta pull (and rather than breastfeed): Pump.

Although one would argue that a traveling mom should’ve pumped and prepared for baby before traveling, the issue with pre-pumping breast milk is getting by TSA. And even if TSA wasn’t the problem, a woman has to nourish herself enough such that she can even pump enough to prepare bottles for baby and well…her body may not beat boarding time.

“Yesterday, two flight attendants, Kaitlin K and Loretta, on my flight from Atlanta to Dallas-Love Field, allowed me to sit in an empty first class seat for more space and privacy while I pumped in flight. They offered me snacks and provided TONS of water during my pumping session.”

Well nursing moms may want to consider flying Delta as, the leading airline got their #RandomActsOfKindnessDay in over President’s Day weekend by not only providing Jenna Mde privacy to pump, but they did it in style and class: By putting the mom of triplets in First Class-affording her the opportunity, privacy and space to pump milk for as many bottles and as much as she pleased.


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