LAURYN HILL Double-Tapped To Narrate Documentary At Sundance Film Festival

Lauryn Hill has been a busy woman since the rapper/actress/singer was summoned to a short stay away-beckoned by Uncle Sam’s say. images (4) But that didn’t stop her show (literally) because immediately upon her release, Miss Hill hit the ground running and picked right back up where she last left before the girl was interrupted. We reported last month however, that she was putting the East Coast leg of her tour on hold but to date, never offered a reason why. BEAUTIFUL  Well despite whatever the reason may be, she’s still going strong. LaurynHill  Miss Hill is scheduled to narrate a Sundance Film Festival Documentary about violence, and the hardships and struggles faced during the African Liberation in the 1960’ and 1970’ era.  images (5) The film is written by Swedish filmmaker Göran Hugo Olsson, and will be appearing at Sundance between January 16-26. images (3)  I say: good choice of narrator. That filmmaker obviously knew what he was doing, huh? images (1)  I could clearly see Lauryn being interested [in what sounds like] something she’s most probably well-educated about, personally interesting in, and would therefore-give the documentary the “feel” the filmmaker probably envisioned as told by her. I said it before and I’ll say it again: Lauryn may not be out here all in the public eye, but that woman is working and getting that work! Throughout the girl’s interruptions, she can’t be stopped. Good luck to her.  images (2) Eye Spied at Radio Facts

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