LADY GAGA Barfed at Being Compared to KATY PERRY – KATY PERRY Finally…Regurgitates

    gaga Lady Gaga and Katy Perry may very well have a few things in common like, (while we’re on this subject in entertainment media this week): both have made the cover of Vogue, both have similar fan bases, both have similar records sales numbers but that doesn’t mean they’re actually chums (or enemies) when the curtain closes.


Although she was flattered and honored with being compared to Madonna who didn’t take to that so well and has gone on record publicly taunting Lady Gaga over the years; Gaga got a taste of what being compared to was like-which left quite the sour taste in her mouth, too.

images (56)  We reported last week, Lady Gaga barfing on the comparisons of she and Katy Perry, and Katy Perry finally responded: “She is a fantastic performer and she takes a lot of artistic chances and it is always interesting to watch her,” Perry recently told Australian radio station SAFM

The other irony in this is that Madonna felt like Gaga was ripping biting her pop hit “Express Yourself” when she [Gaga] put out: “Born This Way” (that sparked the feud by the way).

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Well, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga both dropped singles around the same time last year that too, had the same theme/concept [of championing/celebrating oneself].

Lady Gaga: “Applause”

Katy Perry: “ROAR”

images (55)  When asked about the feud regarding that, Katy replied: “Sometimes, it keeps me on my toes as a performer. It’s nice to have that. But we both agree that we don’t like the competitive nature and we don’t encourage it from our fans because you are not going to listen to one artist your whole life. You’ll listen to a medley of different artists.”

images (6)  Although Gaga has taken to Twitter and express her disagreeing [of being compared to Perry], Katy consciously tries not to feed the frenzy by electing to be obviously diplomatic and a good sport about it all.

As ammunition and justifiable basis to take a shot at Gaga, nearing end-interview, one last attempt to get Katy to feed into the frenzy was attempted by reminding her that she outsold Gaga. Katy simply replied: “It’s not a competition and we don’t like that. I think that … I like her artistic choices. They are always very interesting to watch.”

images (57)  Well, I don’t recall Gaga, taunting Katy about having been a Vogue cover top-seller and Katy Perry being the lowest-selling, so, I’m going to rock with how Katy handled the entire interview.

133999-original  Good for her.


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