L.L COOL J Stops By ARSENIO for a Lil’ Late Night Gossip About KANYE

In case you didn’t catch the shameless plug this past weekend at the NAACP Awards-Arsenio Hall shouted out that L.L Cool J was going to be on his show at begin week (Monday February, 24).

arsenio_l I’m here to tell you-he showed up.

llcoolj  ll Well, the two chums sat down on the catch to get caught on some things and I dunno if Arsenio Hall was trying to get L.L  caught up in the clutches of Kanye West’s wrath, but what I do know is that L.L. wasn’t not about to get caught up in it!

Backstory [about Arsenio v.Kanye]:

We blogged the story.

What-had-happened was…

Kanye was on a radio show doing the “Gemini,” you know: talking…communicating…and transmitting…that “Gemini” thing…(you may need to read my blog where I broke that “Gemini” thing down in detail).

At any rate.

During the radio interview, Kanye brought up Arsenio as an example in his conversation (about something-I forget). But in this conversation, he made reference that Arsenio lost his talk show years ago (when the show went off the air). Well, when word got back to Arsenio, he wasn’t too pleased with hearing that Kanye said that because he has no problem kindly reminding anybody-that he walked away from the show, not: forced out, (or lost out).

Arsenio goes on record-correcting Kanye (and said a few other not so kind things-but in an effort to seem diplomatic about it all). Needless to say, that didn’t go over to well-it made it seem more…not exactly “mean-spirited…but: “condescending,” perhaps.

Believe it or not, I don’t think Kanye ever replied [back to Arsenio]…I mean because, if he did, I promise you we would have posted it, right?


image40 So fast forward.

l  So here L.L is on the show being sort of “baited” into a discussion about Kanye and it went a lil’ something like this:

kanyestare L.L’s like: Noooo. I’m not havin’ it! You are NOT about to get me caught up in the Kanye stare.

llshhh They do not want to mess with Kanye. Not even big “L’-lay.”

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