KYLIE JENNER (In Cornrows) “Woke Up Like Diss” –And Gets Dissed By Actress & Cultural Appropriator AMANDLA STENBERG + Did Transgender CAITLYN Have The ‘Talk’ With KYLIE About TYGA & His Transgender Sidepiece?

When Kylie Jenner took the brave step in daring to caption a selfie: “I woke up like diss”—wearing a hairstyle rooted in African American culture called “braids” (then) and “cornrows” (since the “New Millennium”), Hunger Games’ Amandla Stenberg served Kylie just what she asked for: dissed.



Just after Kylie Jenner turned blue and was in the midst of redirecting attention from boyfriend rapper Tyga’s secret relationship with a transgender model (Mia Isabella) and switched up her style (again), in walks the Hunger Games actress eating Kylie up with her brand of cultural appropriation that, ever since that truth serum she dropped on this video (“Don’t Cash Crop on My Cornrows)



…she is making no qualms about reminding and applying it to whom she feels her concerns are concerns.



Kylie just so happened to be that person however, the diss dished did not go without Kylie coming back for seconds where too, she brought Jaden Smith into the picture who (before Kylie’s transformations and new associations)


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