We [and you] know Kylie Jenner’s got style and when we advertised this shoe for you guys:



…we even said: “These shoes have got so much style, it’d be unnatural to not cop a pair!”

Kylie knows what style is anyways (as well all know) and was spotted out in a similar/ female pair y’all:




Kylie’s knows what’s up!

These may not get life on her other shelf:

11243673_1606770012945612_1176356856_n“so.. I splurged today.#welcometothefam” -Kylie Jenner


…but she’s giving ’em life on that asphalt. Gold star from OtherSideoftheFame for Kylie!




Again, we have lots we feel meet the needs and desires of our reader’s various tastes. Always do a search: (#ad) to see what’s on sale /or what specials we have for you!)



Whether it be entertainment, or via an informative write up, blog, (or even and ad-in hopes you find what you may want or need), as an information source or resource, we do what we do and simply allow our readers to find value, inspiration or encouragement through/in it. It always makes its way back!

I’m spirited and stay open for inspiration and motivation and often get that [back] and am never out of ideas, strategies, or get bored.

That being said, stay tuned atop the carousel. We may just make an addition to feature any reader who copped any item as advertised at OSF and via it, you can show your shelf (in the item-or point it out in your home) and tell the world! For you, we will show the world (and whatever else you wish to tell about yourself!)

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