KIM KARDASHIAN Keeping Tight Leash And Watchful Eye On KANYE Now That AMBER ROSE is Single


Now see…

We kept it cool the day that we wrote Amber Rose pouring her heart out to the world [about since breaking up with Wiz Khalifa-how mornings are so hard and she was feeling like she lost her best friend—yadi yadi yah].

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But before I proceed, I got some s’plainin’ to ‘due’:

For the record, reporters and trained journalists see a story from a completely different (typically objective) angle that the average person writing a story will just completely miss and fail to deliver…

That is because we are trained to get the story out from all (objective) angles and with all information we have to work with. And then as a writer, conversationalist, and storyteller, I lace (most blogs I write up), by presenting it as a story (on top of “reporting” it).

That’s just my ‘thing’ in most of my write ups.

But in addition to that being my case (when I write a story), being a naturally intuitive person connects me to what I see, and read in ways that sometimes I will ignore in blog writing, that unlike when I write books-I will not.

When I write books, I let it all flow and hang out.

Here, on my blog magazine, (believe it or not), I’m more tamed (than I could be)…

For example:

I say that because the day that I wrote that very story/passage quoting Amber Rose, it was ironic to me that Kanye stuck his head out that same day (and felt the need to post some comment about somebody in fashion returning to fashion)–AS IF we all know Kanye for being some fashion connoisseur and fashion savvy dude (rather than the rapper we all know who rants a lot).


When he poked his head out and posted that, I almost interjected [his doing so] by interjecting somewhere in my write up: “…and by the way…see…this is the sh|t that would get my dude, or even my husband of

  • all our years invested
  • 6 babies
  • house on the hill
  • white picket fence
  • 6 car garage
  • and two dogs that go ‘woof’ ‘woof,’

….left. Left like what we had was all but a dream.”

 Sure, I saw it, but I left it alone. Yet, my intuition (as a writer and reporter—not that I care personally) sent my antennae beeping and raised. But I left it alone.

…Then I come upon a story today.

But before I tell you what prompted me to say all this before the write up and source that inspired this write up, let me explain this (about “intuition”).

I’ll let you in on a little secret:

It’s painful to be intuitive (sometimes).

As an intuitive person, (who too-about love and life-is realistic, logical, and rational); sometimes I think being intuitive is a test to teach us lessons on how (or if at all) we should act or react to certain situations (and as well, with the power in knowing the unspoken/unrevealed—playing chess with it)…

Although we all have and use [what we believe to be] our intuition, I’m one of those people who feel that a person shouldn’t “trust their gut,” trust settling on another’s “negative vibes,” or [what they believe is their own] intuition…if they would ever lie to themselves about what they feel, or think about a subject, situation, or person.

A person shouldn’t trust settling on intuition and “gut feelings” if they would lie to themselves about their judgment or thoughts things (or people) if they would lie to themselves about what’s really going on (about why they feel the way they feel)…

In a nutshell, my thing is: if you won’t tell the truth to yourself, then you can’t possibly tell the truth to other people, and therefore, you probably shouldn’t trust your own judgment or rely on [what you believe to be] your “intuition.” [So] how is it you can settle on what you think you see or feel—if you would lie to yourself? Make sure that what you think you feel about a situation (and especially a person and their character), isn’t derived from your sh|t/personal feelings/hangups etc. (e.g: “I’m just salty,” “I’m pissed,” I hate him/her ’cause I’m jealous,” “I’m really just mad because,”) etc.

You know what I mean? (That’s my spiel on “gut” and “intuition”–don’t rely on it without a clear head, clear heart and eyes. And although “intuition” is a “feeling,” it still requires a level of objectivity)…

So. That’s it in a nutshell.

article-2082157-0F562FF200000578-390_468x403Well…my intuition reporter’s antennae was raised that day [Kanye posted] because although it could have been ironic that Kanye (who hardly never posts) posted something [that looked as if] he just wanted to post something, anything-(ironically around the time it was publicly reported Amber Rose was going through her divorce filing)…it was just weirdly [ironic?] altogether.

Well low and behold, I came across a blog post this morning where the source is alleging Kim Kardashian has Kanye under a tight leash now that Amber Rose is single.

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In case you don’t know, there is a four square situation (involving Amber Rose, who, at the time) was with Kanye West. Kim Kardashian (who, at the time) was with Reggie Bush.

kim-kanye11Bottom line: They (Kim and Kanye) were both cheating (says Amber).

Say this Scandal fast:

Amber Rose insists [and has gone on record several times] stating Kim Kardashian was a homewrecker and one of the reasons she and Kanye broke up and that Kim was cheating on Reggie Bush–sending Kanye nudies and all other kinds of inappropriate pics and texts, all the while Kanye was her [Amber Rose]’s boyfriend from 2008-2010.

*catches breath*

*deep sigh*

So of course you know and as the story goes (eventually), Kim ended up with Kanye, Amber moved on with Wiz Khalifa [Reggie ended up with some girl that looks like Kim], Wiz and Amber are now broken up, and well…Kanye’s making use of his Twitter account

At any rate.


According to the Ok! Magazine, Kim (who stole Kanye from Amber) is now worried that because Amber is now single, she will try and reconnect with Kanye.

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Ok! quotes their source as saying:

Kim has told Kanye that she trusts him, but doesn’t trust the other women. She told him that if he even thinks about contacting his ex, he will pay dearly.”

Just…sitting this right here.

Carry on.


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