KIM & KANYE Boo’d at London’s Fashion Week Runway Show



article-2769592-21A8A7E900000578-608_634x892Sir Kanye was spotted in Paris at this week’s London Fashion Week with his wife Kim Kardashian attending the shows and presentation’s of Lanvin & Balmain’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection and as well…….*drumroll*














article-2769592-21A7567200000578-743_634x781…..In the audience of Kim’s baby sis-Kendall’s Balmain runway show!

(As you know, we reported Kendall doesn’t want her association with her big sis to be a distraction from her plans and seriousness in being a model, but perhaps that’s just in the states).

article-2769592-21A7891A00000578-666_634x894Well, from the sounds of things (where that’s concerned) to Kendall’s dismay delight all was quiet on the runway front, but Kim was certainly a distraction in other ways.

Who (but Kanye and Kim) would arrive [typically what is known as “fashionably late”] to the [Lanvin] runway presentation? “Fashionably late” is hardly such a thing when you arrive and are booed.

Kim and Kanye boob

I know you’re looking at Kanye digs: draped in rips shag swag was the reason for being booed but no. It was because the two being late caused the runway show to run 45 minutes behind!

article-2769592-21A795E300000578-22_634x894And well, for the record (just so you know): Showing up late, “fashionably” (or otherwise) to the front row of Fashion Week (whether New York, L.A, or London’s) is an oxymoronic insult to fashion’s most revered, tended to, and celebrated week—no matter who you are. It’s just frowned upon.











article-2769592-21A8A7A200000578-449_634x914But oh well, Kanye dances to the beat of his own drum (whether in the states or Paris).

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