KIM Covers ELLE UK Three Times: A Lady


Kim Kardashian redeemed herself from those brazen, shameless Paper magazine photos [she dropped for shock value] on top of the guise of and effort to #breaktheinternet

This time around, the 34 year-old reality tv star appears on the cover UK’s Elle magazine’s Confidence issue where the social media socialite was shot by famed photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino for three different covers:

In one, Kim strikes pose in briefs and a sparkly halter looking like the American flag with its 13 stars cut out. And while [rather than turning around and showing cakes to the world this time], Kardashian is simply: eating one.

1kimELLEcake cover

Readers of UK Elle have a second choice: A hot, fashion cover-hair blowing in the wind and wearing a Jetson shoulder-cut, white, button-front shirt dress with a stylish wide-waist belt.2kimELLEFashion cover

In a fitted white tanksuit, lastly, readers can chose the cover with Kardashian-hair pulled back with a spiked, frazzled top bang looking biker-chic in hot biker jacket and pencil skirt.

Kardashian takes the cake in Elle’s January 2015 issue!


According to the magazine who deems Kardashian the perfect person for their Confidence issue; Kim makes $3000 an hour, gains 20 new social media followers a minute, and [“through her unerring self-belief”] redefined our perception of ‘body beautiful’ and still, had to work hard to achieve self esteem and [have] the resilience to face her critics-hence and viola: Kim Kardashian covering three of its Confidence issues!

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