What Would GOD Say? Dear KIM BURRELL: Gay (Or Gluttony) “The Sin” Is A Sin, Is A Sin (Just The Same)


While we wait for the world to end during these ‘last days’ (we’ve been talking about since the stone age); I feel that if there are 3 things ‘God’ would say to us right now-a-days (in a language we understand); it would be 4 things:Image result for god speaking

  1. When I told Moses to tell you ‘thou shall have no other God’s before me’-that meant any and every body, entity, spirit or pulse.
    I’m the only omnipotent and one. Belief in me is not a sect like situation of a person or thing to get through in order to get to me. Like a gang sect and initiation, that’s the “business” of man and “religion.” That aint got nothing to do with me. When I said “thou shall have no other God’s before me, I effin’ meant that. Okay?”

  1. Since you know that I’m the Alpha One, why are there countless “religions” with various beliefs systems about and how and ways to (and not to) get to the one-me?

  1. A ‘representative’ of me-God, you are only supposed to do 2 things while giving me the glory: Speak the good news and the gospel as if you were ME (not YOU). There’s no way in HELL I’d think, feel and speak to or about my children the way you do. From what I’ve seen looking down here, you are a representative of you, and your worldly religious sect-not me.

  1. Stop claiming to represent me and speak for me from behind a malicious, vicious and mean spirit please and thank you. Please keep me out of your own heart and mind’s judgment, prejudice and bullsht. You can’t tell no other child of mine what I would do, think, and what kind of punishment I would hand down to them any more than they can tell you what kind I should and will hand down to you.

I feel confident that those are four things God would say to us all.

But as gospel singer and “Christian” Kim Burrell speaks for ‘God’ (under the guise of his representation) this would be what she said, he said:

“I came to tell you about sin. That sin nature. That perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women, and it’s caused us pain on the body of Christ.” / “You as a man, you open your mouth and take a man’s penis in your face, you are perverted… You are a woman and will shake your face in another woman’s breast, you are perverted.”

Here is the speech in its entirety:



Despite the fact she is set to appear on (gay) Ellen Degeneres’ show on January 5, 2017; that actually happened.

The statement she made at that pulpit sent shock waves throughout social media and beyond.

Insisting she does not discriminate, but too, would not back track her thoughts on homosexuality or take it back, she took to her Facebook live page to defend herself by insisting the “enemy” framed her speech in a negative light. She then went on to sort of reiterate what she actually did say in that  “framed” negative light that PART of the video was simply recorded [and unedited from].





“To every person who is dealing with the homosexual spirit, I love you because God loves you. But God hates the sin.”

I understand what she is saying and I PROMISE you (before I record any other podcasts), I do want to touch on this subject.  Ironically (in THIS VERY PODCAST), I was ABOUT to get into “the homosexual spirit” being something that some people (who are experimenting DO feel) but other’s who AREN’T experimenting can’t help but to feel…but I held back and paused. You can probably hear my hesitation in spurts during the recording.

Fast forward.

Perhaps I may be called to speak on this and I think I will I did…right in here.

On the flip side however, with regard to God hating “the sin,” that annoys me with these sects of “Christians” and religious groups. Because no sin is greater than the other sin.

There are no levels and percentages that are more sinful than “the sin” of any another sin.

Adultery or coveting is no greater or lesser a sin than murder or lying.

I do like Ms. Kim Burrell so with all respect due, it’s like my mom-a woman of idioms a plenty and a way with words-would say for gluttony:

Eating hell off the cross and reaching back at it. 

Without belaboring the obvious and with no intent to offend, who would I or anyone else be to judge you by being able to tell that you live to eat rather than eat to live?

Just like you say homosexuality is the spirit of confusion and delusion of the mind, that same body (“temple”) of God carries the same spirit of delusion, confusion (and discipline) about what to eat and how soon to pull away from the table. Right?

The reality of the life of humanity/human beings is: Everything is subjective and in the heart, mind and eye of the beholder, selectively in favor of whom care and are concerned.

It’s all “#BlackGirlMagic” until 1 black girl with undeniable, undisputable magic comes through. And like a replicated cluster of a bad, incurable disease, she becomes the incessant subject of you, your posse and audience’s target board-simply because God gave her a wand that wags a bit different than you and yours. We forget alllllll about “God” when coveting and envy takes over. We will conveniently, somehow find a way to separate the God-given magic from the person and instead, curse her and then go “pray” “praise God”–and expect to be blessed. And as if ‘God’ doesn’t know or isn’t watching…

GTFOH GetTheHellOuttaHere. No: Get the entire HOH.

It’s all “#BlackLivesMatter” when a white man in a crisp, blue suit’s got a gun in our face and kills us. Yet, countless attempts to kill and break the spirit of our fellow “black” don’t count as murder simply because what? No gun was involved and no blood dripped?

GTHOH. No: Get the entire HOH with your selective-subjective spirituality and convenient closeness to God why don’t you.

It’s all “freedom loving” until the privileged feels oppressed by equality or unjust justice gets put in reverse and freedom is the actual, end result.

Image result for god speakingAnd it’s all “equality” until we step up and be the she-said [of what] “He” said.


The fact is: Our care, concern, empathy and compassion is extended only to the length it concerns us. That concern is only as close to our very own authentic experience and care for the person. All else meets our scorn, scrutiny and hatred behind which we sit ‘God’ out there in front of as if it is He who is judging and condemning, rather than us.


We are all “righteous,” and “spiritual,” and “positive,” and “God-fearing”–until somebody comes along and makes us feel fear (jealous, envy,
coveting, anger, judgment/prejudice).

Be it Kim Burrell (or anyone else), scientific or religious fact is, we are given intuitive dominion over instinctual animals and creatures. As if, we do not have the capacity to exercise the compassion we are equipped to intuitively choose and use, we are not to judge our fellow man as creatures and behave like animals in thought, deed or word.

For further reference, see (4, 5) as above mentioned please and thank you.

As to whether or not Kim Burrell is still invited, we have yet to hear from Ellen. January 5th is just a few days away.

Well if I know Ellen, the invitation to come sit with her will be extended, still.

After all, what better (and more brave) a way for Kim Burrell to speak her mind about the gay than on the air in front of the world while face to face with a real, live, and in the flesh gay woman?



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