KHLOE Requests HARDEN Lay Low As She Cares For LAMAR

khloe k and lamar odom

Khloe Kardashian is standing by her man as he rests.

lamar airliftedYou’ve heard already that Lamar Odom, 35, who, although she’s separated from but is still married to, just recently had a life altering scare where he was rushed to a Las Vegas hospital after being unresponsive when found in a room in a Las Vegas brothel.

Since (reportedly) the working girls were made to sign confidentiality agreements, other than what we know so far (that we reported) we may never hear the details about Lamar’s wild night–but what we do know is that the 31 year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashian reality star is sticking by, overseeing,  and caring for her man in sickness to health.

Go Khloe!

Since his hospital stay that originally hung in the balance-with reports were circulating that things weren’t looking up for Odom, the former NBA player and 2 time champ has since literally raised his hands (up), thumbs (up) and sat his body (up), and is expected to make a full recovery.

Although not out of the woods just yet, Khloe (who, despite having moved on to dating 26 year-old NBA player James Harden) is still Lamar Odom’s lawfully wedded wife [of six years now] khloe james hardenand stepped right in to handle her functions as such, despite all (and the shenanigans, shin-dig and circumstances that lead him to the position he lay helplessly in).khloe and lamar

If you remember, we reported that since 2013, Khloe had been chasing Lamar down to finalize their divorce by which Lamar had been buying burner cell phone numbers and rapidly becoming Mr. Untouchable.

As it turns out, that might have worked out in her favor after all because it is Khloe dutifully overseeing his care with the utmost love and care and reportedly is heavens-bent on doing so interruptedly.

Sjames harden and khloe lamarources say that she asked that her current boyfriend, harden, to give her some breathing room while she tends to Lamar who we hear has even awakened from his coma and told Khloe he stilled loved her.

Because of Odom’s condition, he could not be airlifted from the hospital to the rehabilitation facility where he now rests however (although unable to stand even with assistance) is making progress and can move his arms and legs.

Reportedly, his (CT) Cat Scan came back with no damage however, there may be some cognitive issues. Currently he is on dialysis due to kidney failure but its said he passed a swallowing test which is a good sign that all neurological functions are in tact.

Kudos for Khloe Kardashian as, to love someone in sickness and in health to death do they part is EXACTLY what she is doing! Bless up Khloe Kardashian!

That’s real. As real as proof that her love is too, unconditional and real.

Well wishes to them both.

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