KHLOE KARDASHIAN Leaves JOAN RIVERS With The Penalty From Her Early Withdrawal Over RAY J SEX TAPE

In case you didn’t know already, Khloe Kardashian got her panties in a bunch about Joan Rivers’ spoof with Ray J (starring Ray J himself and she-as her sister: Kim Kardashian).

z_rjtweet  We needn’t rehash what happened on the tape, or what became of the tape (the career set-offs and other fortunate and rewarding things that have occurred as a result, rather than repercussion of the tape), but  if you yelled out: “Why would Joan Rivers care give a damn about Khloe Kardashian being upset about the spoof?” know this: It caused Khloe to uh…pull out of a show she was to do for Joan Rivers’ “Fashion Police” which, in turn, threw the show’s producers into a state of panic because at last minute, they had to scramble for a new co-host and as well, had to re-do the script for the show.


Pause for a moment.

I got a secret to tell you about stuff like that-how to handle it when those last minute crisis’ go down: If you don’t know already, go Google the story about singer Aretha Franklin (a soul singer) having to step in and sing Opera with the likes of Andrea Boccelli-last minute with little to no practice + having the learn the lyrics a song called “Nessun Dorma” (in a foreign language). She had to step in (again-last minute) to stand in for the likes of Luciano Pavarotti for the 1998 Grammy Awards and that woman stepped up to the plate and handled her functions like nobody’s business! So when you pick you jaw up off the floor about having to scrap for a replacement at the last minute, please refer back to that as inspiration. Genius. You’re Welcome…

At any rate.

z_  Joan Rivers (known for insulting everybody-to varying degrees) filmed a comedy sketch with Ray J for her new WEtv show with her beloved daughter Melissa called “Joan and Melissa.”  Although the spoof is effiing hilarious, Khloe failed to see the humor in it and left Joan with the penalty for an early withdrawal.

Well, to that I must say this.

One thing about me whether it’s a friend, or a write up on a blog; from the way I see things, I feel, it’s best to always start from the bottom (when you feel slighted..hurt…angry…or upset with someone)…Don’t just start at your hurt, angered, or upset feelings…Start from the bottom…

z___ With regard to a decision to let it go and let sleeping dogs lie, we can’t expect too much from Ray J (a single guy) when it comes to that tape (that just won’t die). He too, has just as much part in the tape as did Kim Kardashian who, although has chosen to go on with her life, hasn’t only Ray J to blame for keeping it alive: Kanye (her very own husband to be) has kept “ho3” (without the ‘p’) alive, too.

z_____  Although it was tasteless (but funny as hell-because it was mad timely), when Ray J RT’d a post made by Kim Kardashian that will forever go down in popular culture history as the funniest RT/tweet said in a mere 3 letters: “LoL,”

z__  …and to add insult to injury, since then, wrote a song called “I Hit it First,” and used a pixilated image of Kim to promote the song.

…the fact still remains that even since then, Kanye sings: “My girl is a star from her own home movies” around about the 3:00 mark where the verse starts-as if he’s glorifying it.

So what is Khloe mad at Joan about? (Clique)


Additionally (and even as recent as 2014), Kanye makes way too many TMI references for me to even quote in the “Drunk in Love” Remix. (Drunk in Love Remix)


So although I like Kanye, Kim, and Khloe; the lesson here is this: all rationale goes out the window if you haven’t taken the time to start from the bottom. It’s like the saying goes: “charity starts at home.” Whatever it is it you extend or whether your expect it-start at home…

If Khloe has anybody else to be upset with, wouldn’t it be Kanye too? He’s on

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