KEYSHIA COLE’s Recent Battery Charge: Does it Bring Her ‘Out’?


Monica (her sister in song) sang it best: “…kick down your doors and smack ya’ chick.”

Oh how embarrassing…when the impulses of life imitate [some] art eh?

keyshia_cole-news-article517121Sabrina MercadelWhen you commence to handing over a savage beat down to family (over thinking what you saw was an attractive chicky coming out of the bathroom of “your man” ’s home); it’s time to re-think your position-and why (if he’s your man), you didn’t know that he and chicky are family such that—her relationship with him stems as far back as his humble beginnings like…..late 90s early 2000s (way before you even began a career).  I mean after all, when you’re the main chicky, you should be able to point everybody on the roster and in the relationship-out. It’s just that simple.

Unfortunately, it took an arrest for battery and a woman named Sabrina Mercadel being sent to the hospital before singer Keyshia Cole found keyshia-cole-mad-at-gucci-mane-articleout that this, followed by her fist, was simply a case of mis-taken identity.

Reportedly, in the early (Friday) morning hours, when the woman exited the penthouse bathroom of Cash Money/Young Money C.E.O Birdman, she was met by Cole questioning what she was doing at her “man’s” house, [quote] “What are you doing with my man?” [unquote]. From there, she proceeded to attack the woman who, according to our sources, was at the home of the CEO along with four other people and has been an employee of Birdman’s since his New Orleans/Cash Money days late 90s early 2000s.

I know, I know.

images (16)If you, like me, are a fan of Cole’s, in retrospect-considering how she did an elaborate job trying to rid herself of that “hood chick” image she was often crapped on about-to the extent that she worked hard at separating her self and her image from that of her sister and mother (reality stars Frankie and Neffe); images (62)this is all too confusing—and too, considering [the fact?] that (not only was it obvious that she was uninformed of the “one drop rule”), she even took her image overhaul to the extent of her questioning being welcomed to the Black Girls Rock ceremony after (at the time) finding out that her dad could possibly be some random white man [who her mom slept with during her days of indiscretion, that she so candidly has spoken out about].

keyshia-coleAlthough a beautiful girl with an awesome voice that can hang with and is even stronger than some of the best of ‘em, considering this battery charge surrounding these pitbull-ish actions; I’m guessing the anti-hood chick image overhaul didn’t work out to well in the interest of making Keyshia as interestingly “attractive” as anything another other than the hood chick many of her fans stuck her in the box to be [in being considered as dynamic a reality show character as that of her sister and mother, and one that she couldn’t quite pull off the second time around without her mother and sister].keyshia-cole-2011-bet-honors-awards-show-04

images (61)Perhaps she’s more interesting just being who she really is and how her fans see her: a hood chick.

Hoodfully speaking (regarding this situation), “ratchet?” Yes. But be that as it may, this could work out well for the Heaven Sent singer (of one of my favorite songs that ironically, softens me and warms my heart).

As recently reported, with life being breathed back into revamping the reality show about to start up yet again (with she, her hilarious mother Frankie, and her friend in the heads of many reality show lovers: her sister Neffe); this third time might be a charm-and may very well make Keyshia Cole as interesting as the two of them (unlike the first time and second time around).

Either way, Keyshia Cole can repeatedly sing: “I Remember” (over and over-on my mom’s playlist).

And well for me: Just scroll up to the OSF big screen carousel and press “play” (over and over).

The rest, *shoulder shrugs* …we’ll just have to wait and see.


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