KERRY WASHINGTON’s Eventful Week in Preparation for Tonight’s SCANDAL Season Premier

Our girl Kerry Washington had herself a busy week this week, and come tomorrow-she (like pretty much the rest of the world) are going to certainly slow down and we’re all going to kick our feet up in preparation for the season premiere of SCANDAL baby!

Rewind however.

images (31)  Washington’s week has been quite the opposite-actually, pretty sweet and nothing but the cuteness, as our girl has been all smiles, all week-starting out with her appearance at this past weekend’s NAACP Awards, followed by a star-studded baby shower (thrown by boss lady Shonda Rhimes), then from there-having been spotted on set of Scandal.

images (32)  Well, we put together a gallery of pics from the gorgeous mom-to-be’s weekend and to wet your tastebuds for the season premier, got a hold of a sneak peek of what’s going down! 

So as we can see, seems as though our girl Millie’s gonna be up to her same ole’ M-O: Riding along in this scandal with her husband and his mistress (Olivia) “as if” [all is well]—just to keep him happy in order to avoid the stress of upsetting (or exposing) Olivia which in turn, would only backfire and disrupt Fitz’ mind, heart, their home (and presidential life).

GO MILLIE! That’s how a SMART woman works her hand!  Break it down in pieces and eat it! Feast on it!

Whoever wrote this story line in how to handle the scandal of a cheating man (and his “whore”) needs an Academy Award for that part of the story line alone!

It may very well be characters in a prime-time drama, but I tell you, there’s always a way to deal with a cheating man’s scandal-and Millie sure as hell knows how to be a player in that game. I love it! I promise I swear by feasting: give it the reaction opposite the expected/typical reaction and a girl cannot go wrong! #TEAMMILLIE here!

P.S. Sorry guys. I’m all for a hot, spontaneous love scene, and a sharp dressed woman in a high-powered position, and I champion female savvy over getting her swerve on. Sorry. So…I’m just gonna quit frontin’ and come on out of denial. The first step is admitting it right?

*steps forward*

Hi. I’m Angie. And um. This season…I’m #TeamMillie. I’m far too  fascinated, excited + can identify with a woman that knows how to handle her functions in situations like this-such that, no matter how bad it hurts-she knows how to work it in HER favor, or her benefit, or HER advantage. I’m not ignorant. And I can no longer ignore what’s right in front of my face. Thanks.”

At any rate, let’s share KERRY’S joy.



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